Weekend Writing Warriors – Opps!

Hello and Happy Holidays! It’s great to be back on Weekend Writing Warriors after my hiatus! Many apologies, but I’ve been working two jobs these past few months! I hope you are just about set to celebrate what will be a “different” Christmas this year!

Today, I’m sharing a snippet from my WIP Driving Me Wild. The blurb can be found on the My Novel tab of my homepage. In this snippet, my heroine, Melissa, is spending a Cincinnati summer’s evening with her best friend, Cass, in a park. She has an upcoming date with a young man named Logan, and she wants to tell her friend about it. However, Melissa has been keeping Logan a secret from her (she met him online).

The snippet begins with Cass’s reaction after Melissa breaks the news of her date. This is in Melissa’s POV, and has been modified to meet the 10-sentence limit. So here it is:

Cass blinks rapidly before dropping her jaw, revealing a fully coated blue tongue thanks to her blueberry slushy. “Shut up? That’s so…hey, wait? You, like, hooked up with a guy, and didn’t even tell me?”

I swallow a big lump in my throat and shrug. “Uh…oops?”

I catch mischief glowing in her eyes just before she pounces on me, knocking me off my feet. The second I land backside on the grass she pins me down and tickles my stomach and armpits relentlessly. I go into a squall of uncontrollable guffawing and flailing. “I-I-I’m sorry,” I cry out in between laughing.

Well, ‘oops’ is certainly an understatement here. Oh, that Melissa. Keeping things from people is something she has to learn from. Will Cass give her a break? Find out in next week’s session!

I’d love to know what you think, as it will help during the editing stage!

I hope to participate next week before Christmas. I’m off to do some skiing with my girlfriend next week! Other than work, I’ve been keeping sane during the pandemic, and hope you have too. I’ve been learning acrylic painting for the last few months, and last week I finally finished my first painting (I worked on it for 2 days). I’m really into tropical seascapes.

Anyways, enjoy your Sunday, and thanks so much for visiting my blog today!


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12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Opps!

  1. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Cass doesn’t seem too upset that Melissa kept Logan a secret, but I’m sure she’ll keep bringing it up somehow. Nice snippet!

    • Oh she will remind her, and she isn’t that upset. It’s not a huge deal for her, but she loves tickle Melissa when she ‘screws up’, especially as Melissa is super-ticklish.

  2. Welcome back, Frank. Your fascination with tropical seascapes is so . . . I don’t know . . . Canadian of you.

    • Yes, we Canadians sure love sunny destinations, especially this time of year. But I’ve always been fascinated with tropical islands; they relax me, and not just for the warmth!

  3. Welcome back, my friend! I liked the little details in this snippet, like the blue slushy tongue. Great job on the painting as well! Hope you have fun on your skiing adventure! 🙂

  4. Nice to see you back! We don’t have a ten sentence limit any more…a lively snippet indeed today.

    • Well, now I feel sheepish (about the sentence rule). Seems like a lot has changed during my absence. Oh well, I’m happy to be back.

  5. Welcome back! It seems like those two have a great friendship, even if Melissa held back such a big detail.

  6. Hey Frank. Yes, the mischievous glow should’ve been a warning to her. Great job on the painting. My wife paints as well. She says it is relaxing. Hope you had fun skiing.

    • Thanks Jeff! Unfortunately, we didn’t go skiing due to lack of snow. Painting is relaxing, and I’ve always wanted to learn it!

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