Weekend Writing Warriors – the Mystery Man

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the official list of participating writers. You’ll also find me on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday. Happy Holidays all! I’m continuing from last week’s snippet from Driving Me Wild. In case you missed it, the previous snippet can be found here.

In this snippet, Melissa’s friend, Cass, tickles here for not telling her about the guy she met on a dating app. Cass eventually lets Melissa catch her breath but keeps her pinned down. Melissa hands Cass her phone so she can see the mystery man’s profile. She discovers more surprising things about him (she and Melissa saw him in a restaurant). So here it is:

She brings the phone closer to her face, jaw falling again. “It’s that guy from Skyline! You matched with him? And accordin’ to this, you’ve been, like, textin’ him for a week?” She turns to me with eyes flashing with frisky evil.

I gulp. “Oh no!”

“Oh yeeeees, now you’re gonna get it!”

“Nooooooo!” I try to grab her wrists, but she’s too fast, and goes for my feet. I burst into a Category 5 laughing-flailing frenzy, flapping my arms like crazy, as her sharp nails wreak havoc on every nerve ending in my feet.

That’s the snippet. The rest of the excerpt goes like this:

“Caaaaaass, you-your naaaails! S-s-stoooooop!!”

“You brought this on yourself,” she cheeps.

I can barely breathe and I’m twisting and like I’m being electrocuted. My ribs are throbbing from laughter overkill, and you could probably hear me from the parking lot.

Melissa is getting let off easy, but she wouldn’t agree. Maybe this will learn her, huh? More from this the next time I participate. Thoughts and feedback are most welcome!

Unfortunately, me and the little lady didn’t go skiing. Stupid lack of snow; never comes when I want it to. Thanks for visiting! Wishing you love and peace this holiday season. COVID-19 has changed the way we celebrate it this year, but it hasn’t taken away the magic of it all.

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – the Mystery Man

  1. Cass and Melissa are clearly good friends. I wonder, though, if Cass will be jealous.

  2. Tickle attacks – I cringed.

  3. I’m with Ed – it definitely seems like Cass has some jealousy going on here. Great snippet!

  4. Author Jessica E. Subject

    I’d have a stomach ache after that much tickling.

  5. Oh man, if someone tried to tickle my feet I would probably kick them in the head.

  6. Outside of being beaten or stabbed, I hate being tickled more than just about anything. This scene made my toes curl protectively!
    I like the rapport between the characters, though, and like Ed, I’m reading a bit of jealousy here.
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

  7. Oh–you’ve captured it! Tickled until laughter and protestations make your ribs hurt! Nice job, Frank. 🙂

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