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Type: Poetry

Word count: 3,202

Status: Completed/in editing process

Blurb: a collection of 31 non-rhyming lyrical poems. Themes focus on life, God, travel, dreams, and experiences.


Never Let Go

Type: novella

Genre: YA contemporary

Word count: 40,000

Status: complete; in editing stages


Melissa McNamara has a lot to look forward to. Moving away to California for college, which she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl. It’s the perfect time to leave her family in Buffalo behind, especially since her longtime boyfriend dumped her for another girl. But before she can go, she must spend three days at a country house for a little family vacation, thanks to her father – the only one who’s not happy that she’s moving away.

But little do Melissa and her family know that an evil force awaits them in the house. One that suddenly plunges Melissa and her little sister, Ashley, into a living nightmare that will forever change their lives forever. Will Melissa make it through and get to California?


Take My Hand

Type: Short story

Genre: YA contemporary

Word Count: 5,000

Status: Second draft


When 18 year-old Sunny finds a battered young woman in the parking lot of a shopping plaza, she brings her home and discovers the woman is actually and ‘old friend’ from her past.

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