Love Conquers


Blurb: It’s the summer before Melissa McNamara leaves Cincinnati for her new life in beautiful Southern California for college, and she couldn’t be happier! Well, she could be happier if her disgruntled father wasn’t against her moving halfway across the country. But that’s the least of her problems. It’s been a month since her boyfriend dumped her, and the single life is getting under her skin. With her younger sister in her first relationship, Melissa just has to find that special guy…somehow.

Then Melissa meets Logan, a handsome twenty-something newbie to the Queen City, who has all the qualities of a “gentleman”. Suddenly, Melissa is back on top of the world with her friends envious of her new man. Now she truly couldn’t be happier!

But she soon discovers that Logan isn’t exactly the gentleman she thought he was. Logan has a dark side complimented by short fuses, put-downs and occasional wrist-grabbing. Melissa finds herself in a dilemma she’s never faced before. Despite the abuse and warnings from friends and sister, she won’t leave him. And Logan certainly won’t let her get away from him that easily. What will Melissa choose: love or her life?

Genre: Young Adult

Approximate Word Count: 80K

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