Love Conquers


Blurb: It’s been a month since Melissa’s longtime boyfriend dumped her. She desperately wants to have a special someone in her life, especially now that her young sister has a new boyfriend of her own. Melissa is willing to do anything, even venture into the online dating world. After creating a profile, she soon meets Logan. A handsome, charming, twenty-something newbie to the Queen City. With Logan as her beau, Melissa is back on top, leaving her friends envious of her new man.

But Melissa has gotten more than she bargained for. She discovers that Logan comes with short fuses, put-downs and occasionally getting physical. Melissa has never faced such a dreadful situation, and suddenly finds her life turning upside down. She must choose between love or losing everything she’s worked so hard for.

Genre: Young Adult

Approximate Word Count: 80K

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