Frank’s Novel

Image of sad woman sitting at the riverbank.

Title: TBA

Blurb: It’s the summer before college-bound Melissa McNamara leaves Cincinnati for her new life in beautiful Southern California! Melissa couldn’t be happier…well, actually she could be a lot happier. For the first time in three years, she’s without a boyfriend, and it seems as if everyone around is hooked up. Even her younger sister, Ashley, has found love! If that wasn’t bad enough, Melissa has to deal with her disgruntled father, who is against her moving halfway across the country, and refuses to support her financially once she is there.

Then Melissa meets Logan, a handsome twenty-something professional, who has all the qualities of a “gentleman”. Suddenly, Melissa’s life has meaning again, and her financial woes seem like a miniscule. Now Melissa truly couldn’t be happier! But she soon discovers her new beau isn’t exactly the gentleman she thought he was. His short temper and possessiveness turn Melissa’s world into a living nightmare. There’s only one person who can help her out of this mess – her ex! Will Melissa escape from Logan’s clutches before it’s too late? Will she make it to California?

Genre: Young Adult

Proposed Wordcount: 80K



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