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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday: Stephanie Fights Back!

It’s the 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link to visit the homepage. Hard to believe we’re almost into August (sigh!).

Here’s another excerpt from My Gift where Stephanie manages to turn the tables on her drunk boyfriend, who’s beating her on the ground. It has been formatted to meet the 10 sentence limit:

          As I continue to shield my stomach with my arms, I know I have to save myself somehow, get off this floor and away from him fast. Adam cranks his foot back with his face burning crimson. With every inch of my body between the breasts and hips is throbbing, it can’t possibly take another hit. I manage to grab his foot just as it’s barreling towards its target, throw it into the air and knock him off balance. He cries out as he falls back, before hitting the ground with his back, making a satisfying thud. “Why you…little-”

        I manage to get to my feet, groan from the pain, and grab an empty beer bottle from the coffee table.

        Adam’s eyes widen as I crank it back, and then smash it over his head. Shrapnels of glass scatter around the living room as he collapses on the carpet. He groans and writhes on the ground while grabbing his head, as I clutch my stomach and pant in shock. 


Kudos Stephanie! But now what? This is where the story lifts off like a rocket heading out into space. Your comments are always welcome. I’m sorry if last week’s snippet was too sudden. Thanks to some helpful feedback, I’m going to change the story’s beginning.

On a personal note, thanks to all for your thoughtful words. I still have not made my decision, but I’m getting very close to doing so. I’m heading to a Toronto FC game today (soccer for those not familiar with the team), which might clear out the cobwebs.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!





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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – My Gift

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the 8-10 sentence blog hop where you sample excerpts of great stories. Sorry I was absent last weekend. I have an important decision to make in the next week or so – one that will alter the course of my life – so I’ve been preoccupied with that of late. Despite this, I’ve decided to participate today, so thanks for visiting!

I’m sharing a snippet from My Gift, which is a YA contemporary WIP that I recently started. It actually is the opening sentences from the story, where my MC, Stephanie, is being attacked by her abusive boyfriend, and this is her POV:

“You stupid bitch,” Adam slurs as he rams his foot into my ribs.

Pain shoots into my stomach with more intensity than the previous blows. All I can do is cry out in agony while uselessly trying to block my boyfriend’s foot.

“A-adam, ple-please stop! I-I’m sorry!”

“Shut up,” he kicks me, sending a storm of pain into my hands that block my stomach.

His eyes are filled with drunken rage, and it’s clear he won’t let me up.

“You were with that fuggin’ guy,” he bellows, “weren’t ya!”


Whatever he was drinking before I walked in the door makes his voice sound less violent, but it offers no respite from the blows he’s delivering to my body.


The Blurb: All it took was a stroke of luck for Stephanie Deigel to free herself from the clutches of abusive boyfriend, Adam, and make her miraculous escape. In doing so, she meets Ben. A goodhearted Christian who generously takes her into his home when she has nowhere else to go. It’s the perfect opportunity to rebuild her life that’s been reduced to ruins. A quaint home in a peaceful town, miles from the monster who promised to always take care of her, and under Ben’s generous hospitality. But Stephanie quickly learns that rebuilding is tough, especially as she dropped out of college and has limited funds in her bank account. On top of that, Ben’s feisty teenage daughter doesn’t appreciate the new guest in the house. Stephanie knows she can’t stay where she is forever. She also knows it’s only a matter of time before Adam finally catches up to her. Will she be able to put her life back together before time runs out?

Not sure if this is the right way to open the story. Again, I just started it. Feedback is always appreciated. I will be out and about today, so I probably won’t get to reading everyone’s snippets until the evening.

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8sunday – Who’s That Girl?


It’s time for the 8 sentence blog hop by Weekend Writing Warriors. If you want to read more snippets from authors like me, or participate, click on the link. I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last participation!

I’m sharing an eight from a WIP called, Let Go. This is a YA romance novel set in southern Florida that deals with two college students. My main character, Ryan, is on his way to class when he sees a girl staring at him from a breezeway. This is where the two future lovers see each other for the first time. This is in third-person POV.

The eight:

As he neared the stairs leading to the hall entrance, he looked up and saw a slim girl staring down at him from a breezeway one floor up. She was clad in a tank top as she stood behind a wall that obscured her from the waist down. A gentle breeze fluffed her silky cocoa brown hair that kissed her shoulders. Her pale, mysterious oval face and drowsy hazel eyes made his stomach flutter, yet he wondered what else she wearing. Ryan craned his neck scanning to see if maybe she was looking at someone or something else, but when he looked up, she still had her eyes locked on him. He squinted, wondering why she was staring at him, and glanced at a puka shell bracelet on her right wrist. Her hard stare was like a laser, and he bent down on pretense of needing to tie his shoes.

“What’s with her?” he uttered under his breath.

I think I’d be asking myself that too. I wish I could say I’ll be sharing more next week, but I’ll be away in New Orleans. This semester has kept me busy, which is why I’ve been away from W.W.W. Fortunately, I’ve made time to work on The Burning Night, which is closer and closer to being finished. I plan on sharing more from that soon. I will come back to share more from my stories when I can. Until then, happy reading and writing!

I’d like give a shout out to Teresa Cypher for mentioning me on Twitter during the week – Thanks a million! I’m glad you’ve been touched by my stories, as I’ve been touched by yours!

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