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Six Sunday – 9/30/12

Welcome to another week of #sixsunday. Rules are simple: six sentences, no more, no less; post them on your blog for the world to see. For those new to Six Sunday and think that six sentences are not enough to show your work, think again. You’d be surprised at how much of the story you can get out of six sentences, so give it a try! This week, we move a little further into the chapter of my last few postings. I bet that most of you are a little tired of the exchanges between Ryan and Cammy, so I thought I would show something a little different. In this bit, Cammy has gone off to the washroom leaving Ryan alone and confused when her friend and old co-worker Raz shows up. Raz has known Cammy for a while and notices the growing bond between her and Ryan. Hope you like it and special thanks to Siobhan Muir for your helpful comment last week.

For first timers to my blog, my six sentences come from a WIP which is a YA fiction. So here it is and happy Sunday!

Raz wrapped one arm around Ryan and said, “Dat gurl got many stories ta tell…stories dat can make a grown mon cry.”

“Yeah, she told me about her mom and sister. Hey, you know her pretty well right?”

“Like de holy father knows his children.”

Ryan arched his brows briefly before asking, “Do you know anything about her dad?”

Raz sighed, looking up at the ceiling for a moment, then turning back to Ryan and said, “Aye, dat’s a real sad story, well…”

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