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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Is Melissa Lying?


Good day everyone and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. A special welcome to those who are new to this wonderful blog hop. A round of midterms are looming this week for me, but somehow I’ve found the time to share a snippet from my YA horror novella, The Burning Night. I’m skipping a couple of scenes to a part, which I think is kind of interested. Some of you will remember the setting of this scene, but this 8 is new to the story.

Set-up: Melissa finds her younger sister, Ashley watching TV in the basement of the country house, rented by their parents. Melissa has told Ashley about everything that happened in her room and kitchen (spooky voices and the dart), but Ashley thinks Melissa is making the whole thing up. Melissa is the first to speak.

*I’ve edited the punctuation in order to meet the 8 sentence limit.

The eight:

“A-ashley, I’m not lyin’, really this voice-”

Ashley jumped to her feet. “Stop it Melissa, just stop it! Look, I know you hate this house, but don’t, like, make dumb shit up! God, I can’t believe you’d think I’d fall for that, grow up!!”

Her sharp, thunderous voice cut through my heart, and I never felt so alone in my life. Ever since I woke up this morning, everyone had turned on me – my mother, my father and now my little sister. My legs got weak as I clutched my stomach and dropped to my knees.

Too bad Ashley doesn’t know how wrong she is. I think I’d be feeling alone and hurt if I were Melissa. I’ll continue from this next week, and I hope you will all be around to see it. I value your feedback as it always helps me with revising.

In other news, I’m settled in my new home and it actually feels like it’s my home. I hope I’ll get to know everyone in the community and find a sense of belonging. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian participants!

Visit Weekend Writing Warriors for the complete list of participating authors. See you next week!


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