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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Before the Trouble Begins

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time. Full guidelines can be found by clicking the link to the website. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last participation! With all the traveling I did over Thanksgiving and Christmas, not to mention my comp exam and finishing my research paper, well I had to put this on hold.

Anyways, I’d like to offer a snippet from Room For Three, a NA romance WIP. In this scene, my heroine, Joey, is sitting on the balcony of her condo. She is feeling down because her little sister is moving into her dorm at the same college Joey is attending. Joey doesn’t like the idea of being at the same school as her sister. This is in her POV.

A light breeze rustles a lonely palm tree by the tennis courts. I stare at it hard, hoping its tropical beauty will help take my mind off the fact that my little sister will be at the same college as me next week. Of all the colleges in Florida, she had to pick Miami. It’s supposed to my school, I should be the only Hurricane in the family.

I swing a leg over the arm of my chair as gloom cocoons me like an unlucky fly that’s just been covered in a spider’s silk. A ‘plop’ sound breaks the air, snapping me out of a trance-like state. Looking down, I realize that my flip-flop has fallen off my foot.

I hear the glass door behind me slide open. Turning around, I see Mike holding two coffee mugs by their handles, steam snaking out of the cups. I hope he’s brought coffee because I could really do with a jolt of caffeine. 


FYI, Mike is her boyfriend. More from this next week. You will find out more about why Joey doesn’t like her sister joining her at her school. I appreciate your feedback, keeping in mind this is in the first draft stage.

Sorry again for being absent from W.W.W. for so long, but I’m glad I’ve finally found time to join you all again. Enjoy the Super Bowl today, too!


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Hump Day Hook – 02/13/13

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you all! This is my first time participating on Hump Day Hook, but I’ve seen that a few of you from Six Sunday and Weekend Warriors are participants – Hello! I’m sharing a paragraph from my WIP, which is a YA novel. Those who know me, this is a continuation from my 8 sentences on Weekend Warriors. Cammy still hasn’t arrived, so Ryan is concerned and tries to contact her. Comments are greatly appreciated, and to those visiting my blog for the first time, I hope you like it.

Whipping out his phone, Ryan rapidly typed at the keypad, ‘We’re here Wre r u?’ and hit send. He tucked the phone on the seat between his legs, his hands trembling. He couldn’t keep making up excuses for her and needed a sign that she was coming. The waitress sauntered towards the booth, holding two plates full of grub in one arm, another full plate in the other. “Dinner’s served,” she announced, laying Miguel and Tracy’s orders down on the table. A crooked expression appeared on Miguel’s face as he slowly reached for the set of utensils. As she presented Ryan his French toast he ran his jerky left hand through his hair. He gazed at the three thick slices on the plate that looked more like a mountain of burgers.


Visit Hump Day Hook for the complete list of participating writers.

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