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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – The Castilian Prince



The second round of Weekend Writing Warriors in February. I hope everyone is staying warm these days. I’m trying to take advantage of the cold days by getting some writing in. Some days it works, other days not so.

I’m sharing another poem from Reflections & Dreams. This one is about a 14th century Spanish aristocrat named Don Juan Manuel. I admire him and the time period he lived in. I actually wrote my thesis about his work for my bachelor’s degree. I’ve had to shorten it so it meets the poetry word count limit. I hope you enjoy:

Standing on the rock plain,

Nation divided into quarreling kingdoms,

A world of hunger and decay,

Conflict and disease good company,

Death’s shadow emerges on the land,

Noble blood carves your destiny.


Defending the Castilian kingdom,

Sharing the word of God,

Raising your hand to the sky,

Peasants see the heavenly host,

Standing by your side.


Holding in your celestial hands,

A sword and a quill,

Cutting through adversaries,

Painting sage advice,

Enlightening gullible nobles,

Soothing despairing dames


Tyrants of neighboring lands,

You face without hindrance,

While forgoing slumber and bread,

Conniving, radical Moors attack you,

You answer with a Divine blade,

Etch your name in their hearts.


Seeking shelter in your abode,

A mighty castle towering the plain,

Your sanctuary and library.

Inscribing forty-two lessons,

That serve as an aristocrat’s bible,

Fighting the sands of time.

It might be a little difficult to understand, but it basically conveys what was going on in Spain in the Middle Ages – constant civil wars and madness. I’d love to know your thoughts, even though it’s hard to comment on poetry. Visit Weekend Writing Warriors to see more snippets from wonderful authors. I’m also looking to host some authors on my blog sometime soon. Ideally, I am looking for 2 authors, so if you’re interested hit the Contact Me link on my blog.

I will do my best to read everyone’s snippets, but I am working on a presentation today (sigh) so it will take me longer than usual.

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