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Be Responsible on St. Paddy’s Day


I thought I would take a different approach to blogging about St. Paddy’s Day. In the past, I’ve talked about its significance and what it means to me. But this year, I thought I’d focus on why most of us look forward to it: drinking!

With St. Paddy’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, you’ll likely plan on a day-long party with your friends and/or significant others. And by no means am I against you drinking! It’s Saturday, go out, paint the town black. Just be responsible and have a plan. Ensure you have a designated driver, and have someone watch out for you in case you end up doing something you wouldn’t normally do when you’re sober.

I do want to stress on having a D.D. You can be sure the police will be out on full force, and you wouldn’t want to wake up with a criminal record. If you know you’re going to go all out, leave your car at home, use Uber or whatever your poison is to get home. It might seem like a hassle, but it will be totally worth it. Oh and…

Honor Thy Bartender

Mike_Fisher (2 of 4) Seriously. Wherever your watering hole happens to be, please nice your barkeep. They’re going to be overworked. Tip them well, and if you happen to be unlucky enough to be cut off, don’t argue. They’re not being mean, they’re just doing their job and making sure the law doesn’t get involved. I was a bartender for a few years, and I remember having to work a St. Paddy’s Day. It was one of the most stressful days as a bartender, and I almost passed out from constantly ringing orders. I even got a mouthful when I cut a few patrons off, or refused to serve them because they showed up at my bar already intoxicated. So please, please, love thy bartender this St. Paddy’s Day.

So stay safe this St. Paddy’s Day, and be sure to have a pint of the black stuff. It’s not St. Paddy’s Day without it!


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St. Paddy’s Day Drink Idea: Black Velvet



Ah St. Paddy’s Day is upon us again. Time to dress up in green, don the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts, drink green beer til we pass out and can’t remember a thing the next day until we gape in horror at the pics on social media.

Well forget the green beer this Friday (as well as overdoing it). Instead, why not try a Black Velvet. What is it exactly? It’s a half alcoholic cider, half Guinness. Go to any British or Irish pub, and ask the barman for one, and you won’t be disappointed. What kind of cider should you get? I recommend Strongbow like the one in the photo. Strongbow is a British cider, which is not too sweet but rather tangy. But why a British drink when we are honoring an Irish saint? Well, believe it or not, but St. Patrick was actually British and was brought to the Emerald Isle by pirates. So as he was Irish with British roots, wouldn’t it be nice to have a drink with the same nationality mix? I think it would!

Don’t plan on hitting the pubs this St. Paddy’s Day? Not a problem! This drink can be enjoyed at home. Just follow these easy steps:

What you will need
– a tall can of Guinness
– a tall can of Strongbow or other cider
– a pint glass stored at room temperature
– a tablespoon

  1. Fill the glass halfway with cider, and allow the fizz to settle
  2. Hold the tablespoon over the glass, and pour the Guinness onto the spoon so it will cascade into the glass to be mixed with the cider. It is important to pour the Guinness slowly so it trickles into the glass. The idea is so that it does not directly mix with the cider, but rather it should sit on top of it.
  3. Allow the surge to settle, then serve.

As with pouring a regular pint of Guinness, you want to make sure there is a good head on top. The one I poured is rather mediocre. Ideally, you want the head to be an inch thick.

So give a Black Velvet a go this St Paddy’s Day, and as always enjoy responsibly.


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