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Happy Canada Day!

Today is the 151st birthday of my country, and I wanted to dedicate this post to her. On this day, we honor my homeland, which is renowned for being diverse, tolerant and accepting of others. A land where men and women are equal under law. Here you can come as you are and keep your traditions. Today, I celebrate being Canadian, especially as I will soon be working abroad for the next year.

Whether you’re at the cottage, watching the fireworks at home, or just celebrating with friends and family, Happy Canada Day! And a special shout-out to all the Canadians currently living/studying/working abroad!

“I am a Canadian,
a free Canadian,
free to speak without fear,
free to worship in my own way,
free to stand for what I think is right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong,
or free to choose those
who shall govern my country.
This heritage of freedom
I pledge to uphold
for myself and all mankind.”

– John Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister of Canada


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25 Things I Love About Canada


It’s hard to believe my country will be 150 years old on July 1st. I feel privileged to be around to witness this milestone. In fact, this will be the only big Canadian birthday that many of us will be around to experience. When Canada reaches its bicentennial in 2067, I will be in my eighties (if I’m lucky to live that long). Only our children and grandchildren will shall be fortunate enough to witness Canada’s big 2-0-0!

I’m proud to be Canadian. On July 1st, I will walk around wearing a Canadian flag like a cape. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing that day. I wish I could be in Ottawa with the masses for the big fireworks, but sadly that will not be possible. So in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, I’d like to share 25 things I love about Canada. I wanted to share 150 things, but I realized that I would likely repeat myself, and while 150 things is great, it’s a pretty long list! I’m sure your eyes would be glazing over after 50 things!

So here it is, 25 things I love about Canada:

  1. Diversity
  2. Democracy
  3. Tim Horton’s coffee
  4. Vancouver – my all-time favorite Canadian city
  5. Pierre Elliott Trudeau – probably our greatest prime minister!
  6. Snow
  7. International food in grocery stores
  8. The wilderness
  9. Alexander Keith’s beer
  10. People waving car flags during the European Championship and World Cup
  11. Ketchup chips
  12. Salmon
  13. Michael Bublé
  14. John Candy
  15. Hockey
  16. Maple syrup
  17. Government regulated salaries
  18. Roots clothing
  19. Rideau Canal – the world’s largest skating rink
  20. CN Tower
  21. Niagara Falls
  22. Toonie (our two-dollar coin)
  23. Mr. Sub (Canadian version of Subway)
  24. Canada Goose (the bird, not the parka)
  25. How we embrace newcomers and let them be who they want to be!


Happy birthday Canada!!

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