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Your First 30 Days at College

Graduation girl holding diploma


By now you’ve likely settled into your new college home. Either you are stressed out, or having a ball (maybe you’re both). If you are stressed out, don’t worry because it will get better in time.

So whether you’ve gone away, or living at home and commuting, there are certain things you should have accomplished by now, which would be 30 days! I look back on my time as an undergrad, and there are somethings I wish I had done after the first month of my freshman year. So after reflecting, I’ve decided that you probably should have done the following:

  • connected with your professors (I’m talking about visiting them during their office hours)
  • made at least one good, reliable friend
  • networked with at least one classmate from all your classes whom you can rely on for notes in case you have to miss a class. You should return the favor, of course!
  • found your ideal study place (mine was the library). FYI, it should not be your bed!
  • played tourist in your new home (this applies to those who’ve left home for college)
  • joined at least two clubs
  • found a cool restaurant to go to on a weekly basis
  • know your way around campus, especially where all the important offices are
  • picked out one day of the week that is a “you day”, in other words a day dedicated to you, free from school work of any kind. Mine was Sunday!
  • checked out the Greek scene (no worries if you haven’t joined one)


If you haven’t completed all of the above, that’s okay. But you should have achieved at least five – I did! The purpose of this checklist is to make things easier on yourself when the demands of college increase – and they will! College is supposed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, so it’s important to learn from those that have already been down this road. So all the best the rest of the way! Learn lots but at the same time enjoy the ride!



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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Little Thief!


Welcome to the 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for full rules on how to participate, along with who’s participating today!

Well life got in the way last week, hence my lack of presence. I’m happy to be sharing another snippet from Room For Three. In this excerpt, we find Joey at her college on the first day of the fall semester. She runs into her little sister, Sarah, who is wearing Joey’s shoes without her permission. Joey’s not happy.

The snippet has been modified to fit the 10-sentence limit:

I study Sarah’s first-day-of-college apparel, admiring her green Hurricane t-shirt and baggy jeans. My eyes grow wide when I see what’s on her feet.

“Are you wearing my flip-flops?”

She lowers her chin, glances at her feet before her eyes meet me. “Don’t they look cute on me?” she says simply.

“Take ‘em off, right now,” I say sharply, causing a couple of guys to glance at us as they walk past me.

Sarah’s mouth spreads into a thin-lipped smile as she lowers a brow. “You don’t, like, expect your little sister to walk around campus barefoot, do you?”

A mild rage begins to simmer in my belly.


What a little thief Sarah is! This is the very first of many troublesome acts she burdens on Joey. It’s part of the plot of the story, in which Joey must overcome. I will share one more excerpt from this story (hopefully life’s happenings won’t get in the way).

Feedback is always appreciated, and thanks for visiting my blog today!


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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Room For Three


Welcome to the wonderful world of Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link to see the full rules for participation, as well as the list of participating authors. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris. What happened on Friday was truly horrendous.

Today I’m offering an excerpt from my new WIP, Room For Three, which is a NA contemporary/romance novel. It takes place in present-day Miami, Florida.

My MC, Joey, is mopping the kitchen floor of her new condo. Her Irish boyfriend, Mike, is watching her and makes a cheeky comment. This snippet has been modified to fit the 8-10 sentence rule, and this is Joey’s POV.

          I mop up the last section of dust off the hardwood floor. As I push my hair away from my eyes, I see Mike leaning against the fridge with his arms folded, watching me with a big grin. Only it’s a playful grin – the one he wears when he wants to tease me.

           “What?” I ask with a chuckle.
            His eyes travel down to my feet. “Aye, Molly and Maggie are gettin’ big every day, think you need ta give all them crisps you eat a rest.”
             A soft laugh escapes my throat. Molly and Maggie are what he calls my feet, though I’m not sure which one is which. When he first discovered my love for foot rubs he decided to give them names, but I’ve never asked him why Maggie and Molly. 
            With a playful sneer, I waggle a finger at him, and say in a baby-like voice, “Don’t listen to him girls, he doesn’t mean it.”

Mike definitely has ways with words. In case you’re wondering why I’ve chosen a boy’s name for a girl, her full name is Joanne. I’d love to know your thoughts, as I’ve just started working on this.

Blurb: Joey Porter has a lot to look forward to. It’s her senior year of college, and she’s got her boyfriend, whom she met during her study abroad semester in Spain, living with her. Nothing could be better, except now her younger sister, Sara, is attending the same college as her as a freshman. And thanks to a glitch with her dorm, Joey has to take her into her new home. Things begin to take a turn for the worst, and suddenly Joey discovers that this house isn’t big enough for her, her sister and her boyfriend. Someone’s got to go, but who?

I will be in New Mexico next week for Thanksgiving, so regrettably, I won’t be participating in next week’s W.W.W. So with that in mind have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving everyone!

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