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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – What’s So Funny?

This is Weekend Writing Warriors, the place where writers from all over come together to share 8 to 10 sentences from their stories with the world. Click on the link to see who’s participating, as well as all the rules to participate. I can’t believe I haven’t participated in nearly three months, but then again it’s been a wacky summer!

I’m sharing a snippet from my YA novella, The Burning Night, which is in the editing stages at the moment. I also plan to change the synopsis and blurb as it has gone a different direction than originally planned. This snippet takes place at the beginning of the story where my MC, Melissa, has arrived with her family at a country house in upstate New York, where they will spend a few days. Melissa’s younger sister, Ashley, is poking fun at her as she gets out of the family van.

This snippet is in the 8-10 sentence rule:

            Ashley chortled as she got out. Glancing at me, her eyes squinted, lit with a glitter of mischief.

            “What?” I asked.

            She cackled and her stomach became more animated. The friskiness was clear in her eyes.

            “What’s so, like, damn funny?”

            She didn’t answer and kept laughing at me, as she gestured mockingly. Whatever she was up to, it couldn’t be good. Then again, who knew what was going on in that monkey-infested head of hers?

Melissa is right – Ashley’s up to no good, and little does Melissa know Ashley has done something to her, which she’ll find out soon enough. Other than the fact they’re sisters, there’s a reason why Ashley teases Melissa so much, which will play a part later in the story. I intend to share more of this over the next month. Your feedback with this is much appreciated.

I know what many of you are asking – “Where the hell have you been, Frank?!?” First, I’ve missed you all. Second, I was busy traveling to Canada and Florida, visiting friends and family in respective places. I’ve been busy editing this story, and I’ve also been planning a new YA romance novel, which I hope to start next year. Now that I’m back in one place for awhile, I’ll have more time to share my snippets.

It’s great to be back, and look forward to reading your snippets as well.


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Weekend Writing Warriors – One Bad Turn Deserves Another

8 sentences from a writing piece every Sunday, and that’s how Weekend Writing Warriors work. So glad you’ve visited my blog to read my eight. It is the first round of Weekend Writing Warriors in spring; hopefully, some of you are experiencing spring-like weather, because I’m not in my parts. I’m sharing an eight from my YA horror short story, The Burning Night.

This eight continues from my last eight, although I’m skipping a bit to get to the good stuff. My main character, Melissa, is in the basement with her younger sister, Ashley, when Melissa hears some disturbing noises from the other end of the basement. Ashley thinks it’s just the furnace, but Melissa isn’t convinced. After investigating the noise and unable to find the source, Ashley convinces her to come back and sit on the couch, where she is watching TV. As you will see, this turns out to be a mistake.

On with the eight:

Letting out a long sigh, I shuffled to the couch, kicked off my flip-flops and sat back down while murmuring, ‘Just relax, Melissa…Just rise above it!’  My little sister wrapped an arm around me as her warm sisterly embrace put me at ease. “Look, just chill, there’s, like, nothin’ to worry about.”

Suddenly, we rapidly swung around through an open frame in the wall behind us as the force threw us from the couch. The next thing I knew, we were dashing uncontrollably towards a grey wall ahead as our feet thumped against a frigid metal floor. I shielded myself with my forearm, hoping the impact wouldn’t hurt. An audible thud sounded as we hit the steel wall and grunted, before dropping to the ground. Unable to find my voice, I gaped at a grey wall ten feet away from me as my arm throbbed in pain.

Melissa would’ve likely said, “You were saying?” As you can see, things have taken a turn for the worst for these girls, and this is only the beginning. I’d love to know what you think, keep in mind that this a first draft. I hope I got the couch spinning them around part OK. Click on Weekend Writing Warriors for the complete list of participating authors.

I’m also participating on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday. I look forward to reading your posts as well.

Have a great Sunday!



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Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/24/13



Hello and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. As you can clearly see, I’ve redone my website since the old design was an eyesore for me. It took me half a day and a little help from some friends, but I did it. This week, I continue from my last 8, where a new girl comes into the scene to explain more about Cammy. Actually, she’s Ryan’s coworker at the bookstore and her thing against Cammy was introduced in a previous chapter. Hope you enjoy! On another note, I’m looking to host some bloggers. I’m particularly interested in hosting YA authors on Thursdays or Fridays, since these are my free spaces. If would be interested, send me a line in your comments, or click on the “Contact Me” menu on my site. Anyways, here’s my 8:

Ryan whipped himself around and saw Beth. He nearly jerked back since it was the first time seeing her in casual clothes. He grabbed the back of his neck and squeezed it hard.

“What are you talkin’ about? How the hell do you even know her anyway?”  

She let out a long, low sigh and stared at him with droopy eyes. “Just get away from her before she ruins your life too.”

She turned and walked away, her sandals squeaking against the floor.

Click on the link for the complete list of participating authors. If it’s your first visit to W.W.W., I suggest visiting some of my favorite writers: Siobhan Muir, Sarah Ballance, Clare Davidson, Cindy Carroll, Carrie Crain and Sue Anne Bowling. Find Weekend Writing Warriors on Twitter, by clicking the hashtag link below.


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