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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Poetry from Reflections & Dreams


Hello all! It’s great to be back on Weekend Writing Warriors after so long. I’m glad you stopped by to read my snippet. I’m offering one from my poetry collection, Reflections & Dreams, which is in the final editing stages. It’s a big change from teenagers hopping around on a hot floor.

This poem is entitled, Blue Rain, which is about an ex pursuing you after the relationship is done. I wrote it after my divorce. Here it is:

Step out into the street,bigstock-Silhouette-of-a-man-on-the-cli-33152039

Can feel the blue rain,

Droplets of deep sorrow,

Kissing my face,

Washing away life’s energy.


Soon as I feel the blue rain,

I know you’re near.

Casting the shadow of black love,

Hazel eyes, dark freckles haunting me


Soon as I feel the blue rain,

Angels of death now approaching,

Come to whisk away my soul,

Leave me empty as the bottle,

Lying in the beggar’s cold hand.


When your name shows on display,

I feel the blue rain.

Your voice sends shock waves,

Crawling all over my body,

Can’t get rid of you.


Indulging in the sunshine and sweet brew,

Then you appear.

Away with the sun,

Gusty wind arrives,

On with the blue rain.

This is my first time sharing poetry, so I’m not sure how you’ll all react. But I’d love to know your thoughts. I’ll share another poem next week. I won’t be on W.W.W. every week as my semester is busier than the last one.

For those avid Super Bowl fans, good luck to whoever you’re pulling for. Since my beloved Buccaneers didn’t even make playoffs, I guess I’m pulling for the Pats. Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors.

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