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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Little Does He Know

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, and Happy Valentines to all ! Click on the link if you want to know who’s participating, and/or how you can participate too! Thanks to everyone who commented on my post last week; it was great to reconnect with you all after a long absence!

I’m sharing another excerpt from Room For Three. With the arrival of Joey’s sister looming, Mike wants to know why she’s not too excited. This is all in Joey’s POV:


Mike sits down in the armchair next to me as I take a sip from the mug without asking what’s in it. I know right away it’s Irish Cream coffee, and the mix of whiskey, cream, coffee and sugar instantly dances on my tongue. Mike gazes at me with his emerald Irish green eyes, tingling me all over.

“I get the feelin’ you’re not thrilled about your wee sis joinin’ ya at school,” he implies.

My lips stretch ear to ear briefly before I turn my head to one side.

“Ah c’mon, she’s family,” he tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. “I know you’ve had your battles in the past, but ye must look forward, now.”

He clutches my hand, and the warmth of his fingers races through my skin. Little does he know about my battles with Sarah. I didn’t put a lock on my bedroom door for nothing.


The last line says a lot doesn’t it! Sarah isn’t exactly the nicest person in the world. I’ll share a snippet next week with her in it. Your feedback is most appreciated. I will do my best to read everyone’s snippet today, but it will likely be later in the day when I can as I’m out hiking today.

I’m taking the Miller Analogies Test tomorrow, which the final requirement for my PhD application. Wish me luck!

Remember that Valentines Day isn’t just about the cards, candies and candlelit dinners. It’s about showing your lovey how much they mean to you. Do something special, something they would not expect!


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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Before the Trouble Begins

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time. Full guidelines can be found by clicking the link to the website. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last participation! With all the traveling I did over Thanksgiving and Christmas, not to mention my comp exam and finishing my research paper, well I had to put this on hold.

Anyways, I’d like to offer a snippet from Room For Three, a NA romance WIP. In this scene, my heroine, Joey, is sitting on the balcony of her condo. She is feeling down because her little sister is moving into her dorm at the same college Joey is attending. Joey doesn’t like the idea of being at the same school as her sister. This is in her POV.

A light breeze rustles a lonely palm tree by the tennis courts. I stare at it hard, hoping its tropical beauty will help take my mind off the fact that my little sister will be at the same college as me next week. Of all the colleges in Florida, she had to pick Miami. It’s supposed to my school, I should be the only Hurricane in the family.

I swing a leg over the arm of my chair as gloom cocoons me like an unlucky fly that’s just been covered in a spider’s silk. A ‘plop’ sound breaks the air, snapping me out of a trance-like state. Looking down, I realize that my flip-flop has fallen off my foot.

I hear the glass door behind me slide open. Turning around, I see Mike holding two coffee mugs by their handles, steam snaking out of the cups. I hope he’s brought coffee because I could really do with a jolt of caffeine. 


FYI, Mike is her boyfriend. More from this next week. You will find out more about why Joey doesn’t like her sister joining her at her school. I appreciate your feedback, keeping in mind this is in the first draft stage.

Sorry again for being absent from W.W.W. for so long, but I’m glad I’ve finally found time to join you all again. Enjoy the Super Bowl today, too!


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What I Love About Christmas


It’s been quite awhile since I last posted anything on my blog, so I thought I’d blog about something that coincides with the holiday season. I love Christmas; it has to be my favorite time of the year. It’s a time when people slow down, and are actually nice to each other. It’s a time to appreciate what you really have, as well as the special people in your lives. Some of us can’t do this until Christmas Eve. And why not, we’ve got presents to shop for, parties to host or attend, cram for exams, or just get things straightened out at work before the year’s end.

For me, I do my Christmas shopping in the summer because I know I won’t want to be anywhere near a mall come December. This way, I have all my presents bought and wrapped up ahead of time. It also means I can don my Santa hat on, watch Christmas Vacation (my all time fav!) and just have a holly, jolly Christmas with the family. I think my favorite part about Christmas is Christmas Eve. Sitting on the couch by the fire, a tree dazzling in yellow, blue, green and red at my parents’ condo. My mother always puts up a clay ornament I made when I was in the 1st grade. To this day, I don’t know how I made it, but it reminds me of the sentimental value it holds for her. Christmas Eve for me is the most blissful part of the season. When the malls finally close, traffic is virtually invisible, the streets are deserted. That moment when “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” arrives.

And yes, there’s the white stuff. The powdery white snow blanketing my neighborhood, at least my parents’ neighborhood. I think Christmas Day is the one day in which everyone is happy to see the roads covered in the white stuff. I’m going to admit I’ve only experienced three white Christmases in my life – and I’m from Toronto! The way things are going weather-wise in my hometown, it doesn’t look like it will be a white Christmas this year.

Despite the unusual warm weather, despite any unexpected surprises that may pop up (and they usually do), I look forward to time with family; the time off work/school; the peace and quite that Christmas evokes.

I hope that Christmas has similar meaning to you as well. However you celebrate Christmas, and what you look forward to about, may be it be joyous, relaxing, and bring you a sense of gratitude!

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