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Weekend Writing Warriors – The time has come!

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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors . I hope you’ve been intrigued by this story, now it gets a little bit scary for my heroines. I’m continuing from my last eight. While being imprisoned in a chamber, Melissa and Emily exchange insults. Fed up with Melissa’s attitude, Emily decides that it’s time to carry out her plans for the girls. Here’s the eight:

As she stared at us, her frown quickly turned into a spongy evil grin. “Melissa and Ashley,” she said softly. Her voice deepened as she snarled, “Prepare to be barbecued!”

I trembled and cringed, feeling the hair lifting on my arms. I could tell from Ashley’s sudden white face that the woman’s words made her shudder. Swinging my head from side to side, I tried to anticipate her next move. Ashley clutched my left arm, as her trembling hand sent shock waves throughout my body. Swallowing a breath, I looked up to see the woman pointing her index finger at us, her look reminding me of the witch from the Wizard of Oz.

What’s she going to do to them? Any guesses? Your comments are always helpful and appreciated. Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors. I’m also sharing this on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday Have a wonderful Sunday!


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