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Weekend Writing Warriors – “Thanks for Nothin’!”



The weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the links for participation guidelines, as well as the official list of participating authors. Thank you everyone for your helpful comments last week. I would like to especially thank, Veronica Scott, for her informative feedback – thanks Veronica!

Continuing today with my YA WIP, Cruel Summer, I’ve skipped a few lines in this week’s snippet. Melissa asked her dad if she could borrow his car to take her sister out for late night waffles. Dad wouldn’t oblige on the count of a speeding ticket she got, which happened before the story began. Melissa and her dad argue, but to no avail Melissa loses. Feeling this is unfair, she let’s her feelings be known:

“Good talkin’ to ya, Dad,” I said, throwing up my hands, “thanks for nothin’!”

I spun on my heels and left his study.

“Melissa Lauren Isabel McNamara, get back here at once,” Dad retorted coldly as I was passing our pool table, his voice stinging my back like needles.

I dragged my feet towards him, the crimson burning in his eyes made my heart shudder as he stood up from his leather office chair.

“I understand your feelings of resentment because you didn’t get your way,” he said sternly. “But I have worked very hard to provide for you and your sister, ever since the day your mother’s life was taken from us, so I suggest you not channel that misguided teenage immaturity in the form of a thoughtless insult.”

 I gulped, wishing I had just left the room without mouthing back at him, but I kept my posture straight so he wouldn’t know he was getting to me.

Dad leaned forward, the anger in his eyes hitting me harder. “Thanks to me, you are fortunate to have a roof over your head and food to eat. There are countless children in this world, your age and younger, that live in such great poverty and abuse…you may wish to keep that in mind, young lady!”

Well Melissa, he kicked your butt! She should have followed her own advice indeed! Thoughts? Feedback?

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you will visit other authors participating today. I will be back to share more snippets in May, as I will be embarking on my month long voyage to South America next week! I’m very excited as I’ve never been and always wanted to go! I’m especially looking forward to Machu Picchu, Argentina and Chile!

Have a great weekend!


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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Dad Attacks!

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the 8-10 sentence blog hop where you sample excerpts of great stories. I’m enjoying my vacation back home in southern Ontario, though it has been a hot week here!

My excerpt today comes from Never Let Go. The last snippet left off where Melissa and her father got into an argument. In this scene, things heat up for the worst. We are in Melissa’a POV and her dad speaks first:

“We’re staying here, Melissa, rebel all you wish, but it will not change a thing…remember that.”

“And I’m going to UCLA, Dad…remember that!”

He sipped his tea as his eyes met me with total coolness. “Well I’m sure your foolish post-secondary pursuit will add to the collection of mistakes you have accumulated this year.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mom challenged him.

“Puh-leeze Vanessa, the car accident, Chris, the party in which I had to come to her rescue…all because our immature firstborn would not heed the sage advice of her father.”

Hundreds of words formed on my tongue, each one eager to leap out of my mouth and sting Dad.

My mother and sister glowered at Dad as he locked eyes with me and slurped his tea.“You know now that I think of it, I begin to wonder if your immaturity is the real reason your so-called boyfriend resorted to infidelity.”


Well Dad’s gone too far, and Melissa won’t stand for it. Find out in the next snippet what she does. Comments are most welcome and appreciated. Have a great weekend!



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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Father Knows Best…Not!

This is the 8-10 sentence blog hop, Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the list of participators and rules for participation. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to read my snippet.

I’m offering another excerpt from Never Let Go. We shift away from Ashley teasing Melissa to another theme of the story: father-daughter relationship.

In this scene, Melissa, Ashley and their parents are having their first meal at the country home where they’re staying. Ashley’s mother admires her daughter’s leather bracelet, which is a gift from her new boyfriend. When Ashley tries to get her dad to admire it, he offers a different point of view. The narration is in Melissa’s POV:

Dad glazed over the bracelet and offered a half-hearted shrug. “It would be more beautiful it came from someone with more class and manners.”

“Kevin,” my mom snapped as Ashley’s face instantly fell.

“Daddy, how can you say that?”

“You know how I feel about that boy,” he reached for another slice of garlic bread. “It’s obvious those green eyes and brown curls have you under his spell, but I know a simpleton when I see one. If you wish to find out the hard way, like your sister did with Chris, you are more than welcome.”    

“That’s not fair, Dad, you don’t know Steve at all, he-”

“It’s a beautiful bracelet,” I jumped in, narrowing my eyes at Dad. “And Steve’s so much better than Chris, he treats Ashley like a princess and makes her happy, so that’s all that matters.”


Well kudos to Melissa for standing up for her little sister. I think this snippet coincides perfectly with it being Father’s Day and all. Later in the story, you discover that Dad was right all along. I’m sorry that I didn’t get around to visiting everyone’s posts last week. It’s been kind of hectic with Euro 2016 going on. I’ll do my best to read and comment today. Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, especially my own dad who has been the best dad a child could have in my opinion.


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