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Weekend Writing Warriors – Watch Your Step!


It’s the first edition of 2019 for the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for visiting my blog!
I’m sharing a snippet from my YA WIP, Love Conquers. Unfortunately, it’s not a holiday season read. Full blurb can be found by clicking the Love Conquers page on my blog.
In this snippet, Melissa accidently steps on a thumbtack at home. Believing it to be a prank by her younger sister, Ashley, she takes it out on her when she comes to her aid. Creative editing has been used to meet the sentence limit.

       I take another step when something hard impales my foot. “Oww,” I grab my foot and hop around on the other, filling the air with every cuss word in the book.

       “Mel, are you okay?” Ashley’s voice sails from upstairs as I eventually lose my balance and collapse on the floor.

       Footsteps drum the staircase, and my eyes catch my sister, clad in a tank top and sky-blue pajama pants, racing toward me with a healthy mix of fright and concern in her aquamarine eyes.

       I spot a thumbtack lying on the floor, and then glare at her. “You little bitch,” I slam a balled fist into her foot, but she manages to jerk it out of her slipper just as my fist pounds the fuzzy black fabric.

       “Hey, what the fuck is your problem?” Ashley demands, sliding her foot back into her slipper.

        “Don’t play stupid with me, I’m gonna need a fuckin’ tetanus shot!”


Oh the agony of de-feet! Looks like Ashley is in trouble! What will Melissa do to her? More from this scene next time. Be sure to visit the blogs of other participating writers today.

On a personal note, my trip to Egypt was amazing! One of the best countries I’ve been to, despite the security situation there. I thought I would share a photo from the trip. Have a great weekend everyone!



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Weekend Writing Warriors/#Sunday – Itsy, Bitsy Spider!

Welcome to another Sunday of Weekend Writing Warriors. Thanks for visiting my blog today. It’s great to be reunited with all of my writing friends! I’m continuing with another snippet from The Burning Night.

In this snippet, my MC, Melissa, is venting out her frustrations. She’s just finished arguing with her dad about staying at the country house, and is walking angrily on a trail when she comes across a creepy-crawly. This is in Melissa’s POV, and I’ve formatted the snippet so it meets the 8 to 10 sentence rule:

I strode along a grassy pathway without any care of where it led to. Twigs crunched underfoot as I cussed and kicked a few unlucky stones out of my way. I let out two mega sneezes as the pollen tortured my nostrils. I stopped to blow my nose with a napkin I picked up from the McDonald’s we stopped at near Rochester.

Dipping my chin, I sucked in a breath. A black spider the size of a ping-pong ball was parked by my right foot with two legs planted on my shoe.

I bleated like a lamb, my hands trembling as the napkin fell to the ground. “S-s-spider, I hate spiders!”

My eyes bulged as it crawled on my foot, its dagger-like legs poking through the canvas fabric of my shoe. “Ge-ge-get off my foot, you icky thing!”

Poor Melissa! It seems like a minuscule thing, but it not for Melissa; it’s one of her greatest fears. Tune in next week to see more of this scene. I also intend to show snippets between Melissa and her dad. Thanks in advance for your comments! I’ll be sure to stop by your blogs and comment on your own snippets. New to Weekend Writing Warriors? Click on the link above to see how you can join the fun!

In related writing news, I’ve recently joined my school’s newspaper where I am writing articles geared to the undergraduates. So far, so good, and I’m hoping it will boost my writing skills.


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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – More Tickling!


For a sampling of snippets from many fine authors, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors. I remembered to sign up this time. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and I hope you get plenty of fawning from loved ones! I’d like to send a shout-out to my own mother, who truly has the endurance of a fighter. She’s taught me never to give up and not to “play ball” with those that are up to no good.

I’m continuing to share a snippet from The Burning Night.

This picks up from the last eight where Ashley has pinned her sister, Melissa, down on her bed and is tickling her feet. Melissa’s feet are extremely ticklish. Ashley takes full pleasure in making her sister suffer, and naturally doesn’t give in to her pleas. This is Melissa’s POV and she speaks first. The snippet is in the new 8-10 sentence rule.

“S-s-stop you du-dumbass, it-it’s pure torture!”

Ashley’s fingers were like the bristles of a spinning power brush. I tried to punch her, but the tickling jolted every nerve in my body like an electric shock. She laughed as she tickled one foot then the other, sending me into another storm of squealing and laughter. Then her fingers hit the most ticklish spots – the area just below the balls of my feet.

“A-ashley, s-seriously! I-I-I’m gonna pa-pass out!”

I pounded the comforter repeatedly, hoping she’d take that as my way of saying, “Uncle”. My ribs started to ache from constant squirming and uncontrollable laughing.

Oh that Ashley. Poor Melissa. How much more can she take? This is nothing compared to what happens to her feet later in the story (wink, wink). This shows the relationship between the sisters, and I think it’s kinda cute. I look forward to reading your snippets today.

I needed some advice, if any of you have expertise on this. I want to self publish a poetry collection, but I’m not sure if I should have them professionally edited. Any thoughts on this?

Have a great Sunday!

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