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Weekend Writing Warriors – Perky Ashley




Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. The rules: 8 sentences from a published story or WIP, and that’s it. I had a great time in L.A. last week; I even went down to a town, south of Tijuana, Mexico (my friend has a condo there and knows the area). I’m sharing another eight from, The Burning Night, a YA novella (it started out as a short story, but I needed more words to tell it). This eight occurs before my last snippet and is an edited version of one I shared a few weeks ago.

Set-up: While Melissa is relaxing in her room, her younger sister, Ashley, comes skipping into the room, all perky and cheerful. She glances at Melissa’s flip-flops by the door, and then gives her a slack look. Ashley speaks first.

The eight:


“Flip-flops? Uh, hello, we’re not at the beach!”

“They’re for wearin’ around this dumb house…you know I don’t like slippers,” I deadpanned.

“Along with everything else you hate in life…you poor kid,” she said. I knew she was just trying to push my buttons, so I kept my mouth shut, hoping she would get the hint. She danced around the room, snapping her fingers while shifting from foot to foot.

        “I kissed a girl, I liked it,” she singsonged, giving me a wink as she neared my bed. “Hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.”


If you don’t know what she’s singing, it’s a Katy Perry song; Ashley is a huge fan of hers. A little bit more of punchy sister humor. I’ll share one that shows the deep sisterly love they have. I’d love your feedback and look forward to reading your eights today.

I’ll be absent from next week’s W.W.W. Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors.



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Does Cammy have feelings for Ryan?


Hi and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. It’s hard to believe this is the first W.W.W. of 2014

I’m sharing an eight from my novel, Let Go, a new adult contemporary romance. This eight continues from the scene, which I shared a few weeks ago. After Ryan meets Crush, Crush thinks Ryan and Cammy are more than just friends. Ryan denies it, but Cammy’s friend, Raz, thinks otherwise.

On with the eight:

“Dat not what it look like ta me mon,” Raz implied, patting Ryan’s shoulder and turning to Crush. “Should see de way Cammy look at dis buoy, I know de little blue birdies be flyin’ ‘round ‘er head when Ryan come by.”

“Raz, c’mon, she doesn’t have like feelings for me,” Ryan argued.

“Raz no fool mon, I know de sparkle from a ooman’s eyes. And me thinks dem blue birdies be flyin’ ‘round you when ya see Cammy.”

Ryan cringed as Crush’s mouth fell open. With both of them gazing at Ryan in awe made his knees buckle. Cammy had a watchful eye on him, as he turned to see her parting lips and slow nodding, which made his stomach quiver.

Your thoughts are welcome and always appreciated. I look forward to reading your snippets! I also hope to be more consistent with participating in W.W.W., but I cannot guarantee it. Weekends for the next two months are going to be busy (it’s when I usually ski and snowshoe). Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors.


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When I can and can’t put down a book

OK, I’ll admit it, the first thing I notice about a book is the cover. For me, it helps me visualize what the book is about. Of course, I proceed to look at the back cover and if the blurb is interesting, then I just might buy that book. The same goes for buying ebooks. If the blurb and cover capture my interest, then I proceed to read.

Like any other reader, there needs to be certain things in the story so I can keep turning the pages. One thing I will admit: I don’t care if the author is a NY Times Bestseller. For me, that doesn’t make that author the greatest writer. I’ve read books by NY Times Bestselling authors that I gave up reading after the fifteenth page. Although it’s great for the author, the bestselling author bit means nothing to me. So here are some things which determine whether I’ll keep reading a book or not.

When I can’t put a book down:

  • the storyline is realistic and interesting. If I can relate to the story, I can become a part of it.
  • Well-developed characters. I personally like characters that have had a traumatic back story and have adversity to overcome throughout the book.
  • Dialogue. This is a MUST for me in every book. I learn more about what a character is like through the way they interact with other characters. I especially like tension-building dialogue between the heroines.
  • The main character faces a challenge in every chapter
  • Twists at the end of chapters. When characters face a turning point at the end of the chapter, I’m always curious to what will happen next. It makes me look forward to reading the next chapter.


What makes me lose interest in books:

  • No dialogue within the first four pages. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Every story has to have dialogue, or you lose me as a reader.
  • Too much description. I don’t like it when a writer spends four pages describing everything in a scene. I don’t need to know every book, kitchen utensils, etc. are in a house. Just the basics, then move on.
  • The story isn’t going anywhere. I read a book, whose name shall remain nameless, where four chapters describe the main characters making love. OK, I get it. The characters love each other, so how about giving them something that tests their relationship? A story has to go from the beginning to the end, and not get stuck in the middle.
  • I spend more time looking up words in a dictionary than reading the book. Some authors love sticking in attractive-looking vocabulary and showing off their knowledge of words. But remember, not everyone is fortunate enough to go to school.



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