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Giving Thanks

As we all settle down to a lovely turkey dinner with our loved ones today, we all should give thanks. And I mean this on a deeper level. Yes it’s great to give thanks to all in our company, but the thanks should go beyond the household. Give thanks to all those that have made an impact in your lives, as well as all the great things you have in the world. If you think about this for a minute or two, you’ll be able to come up with a lengthy list.

For me, I am thankful for my family and friends, both near and far away. I am thankful for all my professors who have helped me learn this semester and for their never-ending efforts. I am grateful to be living in a country under democracy with one of the highest standards in the world. A country that allows me such great freedom. And most importantly, I thank this country for allowing me the opportunity to earn my second college degree, which I hope to return the favor one day.

I am thankful for the wonderful writers I have met through Romance Writers of America and Weekend Writing Warriors. Your constant support and critiques have influenced my stories and my writing skills. You also assure me that I am not alone in this world of story-telling. Even though I have not actually met a lot of you personally, you are still my friends.

I give thanks for being in great health, and being able to walk everyday. I give thanks for having food to eat, and clean water to drink. I am just grateful to have these things, which we often take for granted. I give thanks to my country, Canada, for giving me a great start in life and allowing me to grow into the man I am today. Finally, I give thanks to God, who is always there guiding me, challenging me and loving me. He listens to me, even when I don’t actually speak to Him because he knows that I am thinking of Him – Thank you Lord!

So I hope you will eat well, and give thanks to all the people and things you have in this world.

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Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/10/13

Hello and welcome to another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m sharing another eight from my novel in progress. I apologize to those on Hump Day Hook – work has kept from participating and commenting on everyone. I’ll try and get back on it as soon as I can.

Set-up: Cammy explains how she got drunk, which caused her to miss dinner with Ryan and his brother. Cammy is the first to speak.

“After work, a couple of peeps wanted to sit at the beach and drink some beers,” she confided, sending another text.
 “But you knew we were gonna meet at the diner at six, right?”
“Yeah, but I needed to blow off some steam, had a rough mornin’.”
“Rough morning?”
“Had nightmares the night before and felt like shit the next day,” she clarified. “Thought one beer wouldn’t hurt, but one beer turned to two, then three, lost count after that.”
“And you didn’t even have the courtesy to call and tell me this?”
She shrugged and sighed, her eyes half-lidded as she shoved her phone into her bag.


I know what you’re thinking: Ryan should run. Perhaps he should, but he isn’t able to since he knows the real Cammy is still there. Click on the link for the complete list of participating authors and check their snippets out.

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Six Sunday – 12/09/12

He we go again for another round of Six Sunday. Thanks for spending part of your Sunday to check out my six. Sorry, to those whose sixes I couldn’t comment on. Got a little busy last Sunday, so I will do my best to get to everyone’s posts today.  This week, we continue from the last line of my previous you’re your comments are always welcome, as well as appreciated. Here it is:

Cammy stood beside Duffy, gazing at Ryan. “He’s no stiff, trust me there’s somethin’ special beyond those preppy clothes.”

Ryan glanced down at his t-shirt and khaki shorts, thinking ‘What’s she got against the way I dress?’

“Ya can chill with him, Duffy,” she said, gesturing at Ryan with her thumb, “this is the guy I been tellin’ ya about.”

Duffy frowned for a moment in confusion, when suddenly his face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yew mean the stud? The one from Buffalo? This him?”

Visit the Six Sunday link, for the complete list of many authors, like myself. Enjoy your Sunday, whatever it is that you might be doing on this fine day!



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