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Saying Goodbye to 2015


Now that Christmas is done with, it’s time to look to welcoming 2016. Put on those party hats, bring out the bubbly and make New Year’s Resolutions – again! But before you get excited about watching the ball drop on Times Square, be sure to take the time to bid adieu to 2015.

Remember this time last year when you were making resolutions for 2015? Did you succeed in accomplishing them? Don’t worry if you didn’t; many of us fall off the boat before Valentine’s Day. But how was 2015 for you? Think about all that has happened for you this year. What went well? What didn’t? Was 2015 better or worse than 2014? For some of you, 2015 hasn’t been exactly happy. What with the growth of ISIS, and the terrorist attacks in Paris. Try not to let the global woes cloud your judgement as you reflect on 2015. It’s OK to think about yourself in this context. So how was 2015 for you?

Make a list of all the good and bad things that happened to you this year. What happened this year that you would like to have continue in 2016? What could be improved in the new year?

A number of good and bad things happened to me this year, but for the sake maintaining a happy mood I shall highlight the goods: I visited four new American states (Louisiana, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Mexico). I rode in a hot-air balloon, officially earned my master’s degree in Education, and I finally finished my soon-to-be debut novel, The Burning Night. I have to say that 2015 has been a progressive year for me. I’ve taken risks, tried new things, and my life has been moving forward.

It’s important to reflect on 2015 before she bids us farewell. A way to stop and look around so you don’t….miss it. Where have I heard that expression before? You’ll probably be surprised at what you discover as you reflect on 2015.

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When Life Gets You Down

Stressed young businesswoman sitting at her desk in the office

It comes now and again: that time when life gets us down. Sometimes we know why and sometimes we don’t. I think it’s really tough when you’re down and don’t exactly know why.

I remember an old song from Monty Python The Meaning of Life and it goes like this: “Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown. And things seem hard or tough. And People are stupid, obnoxious or daft…and you feel that you’ve had quite enooooough! Just remember…”

So what do you do when life gets you down? Well there are so many ways, but rather than tell you the obvious, I’d like to share one way that’s often overlooked.

Think of all the challenges that you’ve overcome, which has made you a stronger person today. Think of one or two challenges that were really tough on you and what you were going through at the time. Then you should recall what steps you took to overcome those challenges and how it changed your life from there.

When you look back on those challenges you remind yourself of how strong you were and how you’re much stronger today. So when those gloomy days come, you can remind yourself of your strength and perseverance. You’ll be able to say, “I’m strong, nothing can beat me! This isn’t so bad.” You’ll feel much better because only you had the power to get through that difficult time in your life.

So in short, when life gets you down do the following:

  • recall one or two very challenging moments from your past
  • write down what the situation was and how you were feeling at the time
  • write down everything you did to overcome it
  • what did you learn from that challenge?
  • how have those challenges made you a better person?
  • say out loud, “I am a champion! I will get through this!”
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Getting Through Valentines Day (Without going overboard)

It’s that time again! In the middle of winter, when everyone’s likely getting tired of the winter blues then suddenly there’s love in the air. Hues of red and pink, candy hearts and the like. The time when Cupid fires his arrows in all directions. Love it or loath it, Valentine’s Day is here. Many of you are thinking “Oh great, it’s bad enough I got Christmas debt to worry about, now this!” Well don’t worry because you don’t have to plan an extravagant evening out for your sweetheart (unless you really want to). Why not try something less traditional this Valentine’s Day and stop trying to compete with your fellow-man.

This year, I’ve decided that I’m going to cook my girlfriend’s favorite dish. Even though we’ve only recently become a couple, I still want to make her feel special. Since she loves Spanish food, I’m going to cook a stew from Madrid along with Gazpacho soup. I’m no master chef, but luckily I have a Spanish recipe book. It’s simple and won’t cost me a week’s income, and let’s face it women like men who can cook right? Maybe this will work? Maybe not? But it’s the thought that counts and it’s coming from the heart – I’m doing what I think she will appreciate, not what someone else will think is right. So why not try to cook your lovey’s favorite dish, or just cook him/her dinner. During dinner, why not play some of your sweetheart’s favorite music? My girlfriend loves classical, so I intend to play a little Bach and Mozart on my iPod during the meal.

If culinary skills aren’t your thing, why not write a poem for your sweetie. Think of qualities or wonderful things that describe him or her, put it together in poetry and read it out loud for them say before they go off to work. They’ll likely head off in a better mood. Remember, the poem doesn’t have to rhyme, so don’t blow your brains out trying to make every line rhyme.

When your sweetie comes home after a long, hard day at work why not go the extra mile for them. Give them a massage, or just sit with them and hold them, while telling them how much they mean to you – something to make them feel special. Surely they’ll love it! Whatever you choose to do for your valentine, make sure it comes from the heart and not from an outside source. The gift must be real to you because otherwise it won’t be real to your partner.

And for you singles out there dreading this day, I just want to salute and acknowledge you all! I remember being in your shoes for many years. That said, don’t stress yourself to find a date for the sake of Valentine’s Day. Take this day as an opportunity to celebrate being single; do something you enjoy doing for fun. It’s perfectly fine to be without a partner on Valentine’s Day despite what others say. When someone comes to you and says, “What? No date? What’s wrong with you?” Just answer “I’m happy being single. Got a problem?” Keep repeating that if they continue to tease you. Show no fear and they’ll eventually back off because they know they can’t intimidate you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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