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Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/31/13


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Happy Easter! Thank you all for commenting on my last 8. This week I’m taking a break from my novel and sharing an 8 from a YA short story, which I just finished.

Set-Up: My heroine, Sunny, is on her way to meet her friends for a party, before going away to college. She stops for coffee, when she’s approached by battered young woman.

And now for the 8:


Thinking about the piping-hot, frothy latte I’d have, I inched closer to the glass door when I felt something tapping on my shoulder. I turned around and nearly jumped back, a millisecond from crying out. A young woman, maybe a few years older than me, was standing barefoot in ragged jeans and a navy tank-top. Puzzled by the puffy bruise on her cheek, I adjusted my glasses gazing at her black left eye. She held out her hand, her livid wrist red with welts.

“Got any change, kid?” she asked her voice flat. I winced, wondering what good spare change would do for her.

“I…d-don’t have any,” I lied and stepped back, while she lowered a brow and studied me.


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