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Forgo Dining Out This Valentine’s Day



With V.D. approaching, you are likely getting antsy about card-exchanging and candlelit dinners with a touch of the bubbly. But as wonderful as dining out sounds, perhaps you might consider staying in and cooking your lovey dinner instead.

Think about it. Every other couple likely has the same idea of candlelit dinners as you, so the dining venue will likely be crowded. And don’t think that just because V.D. happens to fall on a Sunday that there will be less people likely to go out; on the contrary, there will be as many couples out. maybe more.

Even if you’re not Betty Crocker, you can still show the love of your life how much you care by attempting to cook him/her a nice meal. And here’s why you should:

  1. the atmosphere will be more intimate because it will just be the two of you.
  2. they say women love men who can cook, so this will be the chance to wow her.
  3. no need to worry about reservations, parking and all the other stress factors that go with dining out.
  4. you can play romantic music in the background without worry of annoying anyone else, or having to listen to the restaurant’s background music.
  5.  your partner will appreciate the effort, even if you don’t do a great job (as long as you don’t burn the kitchen down).

Not sure what to cook? I suggest the following:

  • spaghetti with marinara sauce and garlic bread
  • chicken breast covered in Thai peanut sauce
  • steak teriyaki

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love! And best wishes if you decide to heed my advice!


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Weekend Writing Warriors – Bratty Little Sis


Summer is practically around the corner. For a taste of stories from diverse writers, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m continuing with The Burning Night. Apologies to those that are eager for more from Let Go, but I really want to keep going with this story.

In this excerpt, Ashley stops tickling Melissa. Ashley shows off how she loves “tormenting” her sister, and Melissa isn’t happy. This snippet has been modified to meet the new 8-10 sentence rule.

I could feel my cheeks flush as I tried to catch my breath. A sharp pain in my ribs followed, and I put one hand over my ribcage.

With a thrust-out chest, Ashley looked at me with one of those ‘gotcha’ expressions. “I, like, never get tired of that!”

“You little brat,” I glared at her, pushing my hair away from my face. That’s the problem with siblings – they know all your weaknesses. She revealed them to all my friends through Facebook, including my big fear of spiders. She even blabbed about my ticklish feet to Chris the first time I brought him home, and he took full advantage of it throughout our whole relationship.

Ashley shrugged with a smirk like the whole thing was no biggie, and every muscle started tensing in body.

I think Ashley’s gone too far, and it looks like we’re gonna see a cat-fight. Because Melissa will be going away to college, Ashley teases her as much as she can until then. That’s the way she is, but she really loves her sister and looks up to her as an idol. How she deals with her sister going away is actually a subplot to the story. Chris is Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her a week before the story begins. Makes you want to care for her more, huh? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’d like to wish a happy belated birthday to one of our Weekend Writing Warriors moderators – happy birthday Millie Burns! Thanks for everything that you do!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Using Valentine’s Day In Your Story


Well originally I was going to put up a post offering advice about how to make a memorable Valentine’s Day. Then I remembered one thing: I kind of did that last year. Then I remembered that I haven’t put out a blog related to writing in a while. So while I was skiing last week, the idea of using Valentine’s Day as a writing theme would grab readers’ attention. So why not blog about it on Valentine’s Day.

As writers, we work hard to create themes for our stories. They are the things that a reader can take away once they’ve reached, ‘The End’. They the things that our characters deal with or struggle with; maybe both. Valentine’s Day can be included in your story because your readers will instantly relate to it no matter what time of year it is. Valentine’s Day the romance world’s birthday and whether readers love it or loath it they’ll be drawn into a story that has it as a central theme or setting. Here’s a couple of ways you can make Valentine’s Day part of your story:

1. Setting/Theme – Have your story set on Valentine’s Day. This is particularly good if it’s a short story since Valentine’s Day happens only on one day. But don’t necessarily have your characters meet and fall in love. Twist it a little. Have something catastrophic or apocalyptic happen on Valentine’s Day. The readers won’t be expecting that, and they’ll love it because it’s something different. Here’s another idea: have your story end on Valentine’s Day. What better way to end it than on a special day. Be creative with it and don’t make it too predictable. Try and make Valentine’s Day the central theme of your story and build your characters and their world around it.

2. Characters – Make Valentine’s Day significant with your characters. It could be the day someone special died and now your characters dread V.D. every time it rolls around. Your character must overcome this and the readers may want to know how they get through this. Again, it’s something new and different. Perhaps, you’d like to make V.D. a positive milestone for your characters. Either way, make it special for the characters and have it stick with them from beginning to end.


So I hope this gives you some inspiration. Happy writing and happy Valentine’s Day!

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