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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Ashley’s Suggestion






It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. I originally wasn’t going to participate, but I thought, ‘What the hey!’ Hope you are all having a great weekend, wherever you are. I’ve been busy getting myself organized since I moved to northern Kentucky last week. I’m sharing another eight from, The Burning Night, my YA novella.

Set-up: My MCs, Melissa and Ashley, are hanging out in Melissa’s room. They are spending a few days in a rented country house with their parents. Ashley suggests to her older sister that she come with her and their mother to a spa, located in the nearest town. Ashley is the first to speak and this is in Melissa’s POV.

The Eight:



“Hey, come with me and Mom to Griddle tomorrow,” she suggested. “A mani-pedi is just what you need to make this trip more fun.”

I let out a heavy sigh, before answering her with a disgruntled voice.

“You know I hate strangers touchin’ my hands and feet.”

“Oh the things you’re missin’ out on, Ms. Misery,” she teased, and patted my head. “But fine stay here and miss out on all the fun…more ‘mother-daughter’ time for me.”

I’d have plenty of time with Mom before heading off to college. I yawned and muttered, “She’s all yours, I’ll be fine.”



Note that Griddle is a fictitious town. Later in the story, you’ll find it ironic about the town’s name. I’ll share more next week. I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions. I will be out with friends all day today, so I won’t get to reading/commenting any snippets until later tonight. I’m not snubbing anyone, so I appreciate your understanding.

Click on the above link for the official list of participating authors. See you next time!

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