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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Rumble at the Table

The is the 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the list of participators and rules for participation. What a week it’s been, especially for those of you in the U.K.. I can’t believe Britain is actually leaving the E.U.

More from Never Let Go. Last week we got a glimpse of Melissa and Ashley’s father albeit his reaction to a gift from Ashley’s boyfriend.

In this excerpt, Melissa addresses her concern to her family during dinner about a minivan parked outside the country house, which she noticed in a scene earlier. Her mom explains that it belongs to the owner of a house named Angie, who leaves it there when she’s not present. Melissa, however, doesn’t buy it. She’s the first to speak:

“She has one car, but leaves the other one here…in the middle of the woods? C’mon, am I only one at this table who thinks that’s a little stupid?”

My parents glowered at me with their arms folded across their chests.

“I know what you’re trying to do, young lady,” my dad said disapprovingly, “but it will not work.”

“Oh knock it off Dad, I swear you just love bullyin’ me, don’tcha?!”

“Melissa don’t talk back to your father,” my mother barked.

Ashley rubbed her temples, muttering under her breath.

There was no point fighting with Dad – not in front of Ashley. She had witnessed more of our heated arguments than she would’ve liked to remember.

“I’m goin’ back to my room,” I declared, picking up my plate and washing it in the sink.


Things are heating up between Melissa and her dad. She’s also right about the minivan as the mystery behind it is revealed later in the story.

I will be away next week, so you won’t see my name on the list.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this excerpt. Feel free to offer your feedback!


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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8sunday – Who’s That Girl?


It’s time for the 8 sentence blog hop by Weekend Writing Warriors. If you want to read more snippets from authors like me, or participate, click on the link. I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last participation!

I’m sharing an eight from a WIP called, Let Go. This is a YA romance novel set in southern Florida that deals with two college students. My main character, Ryan, is on his way to class when he sees a girl staring at him from a breezeway. This is where the two future lovers see each other for the first time. This is in third-person POV.

The eight:

As he neared the stairs leading to the hall entrance, he looked up and saw a slim girl staring down at him from a breezeway one floor up. She was clad in a tank top as she stood behind a wall that obscured her from the waist down. A gentle breeze fluffed her silky cocoa brown hair that kissed her shoulders. Her pale, mysterious oval face and drowsy hazel eyes made his stomach flutter, yet he wondered what else she wearing. Ryan craned his neck scanning to see if maybe she was looking at someone or something else, but when he looked up, she still had her eyes locked on him. He squinted, wondering why she was staring at him, and glanced at a puka shell bracelet on her right wrist. Her hard stare was like a laser, and he bent down on pretense of needing to tie his shoes.

“What’s with her?” he uttered under his breath.

I think I’d be asking myself that too. I wish I could say I’ll be sharing more next week, but I’ll be away in New Orleans. This semester has kept me busy, which is why I’ve been away from W.W.W. Fortunately, I’ve made time to work on The Burning Night, which is closer and closer to being finished. I plan on sharing more from that soon. I will come back to share more from my stories when I can. Until then, happy reading and writing!

I’d like give a shout out to Teresa Cypher for mentioning me on Twitter during the week – Thanks a million! I’m glad you’ve been touched by my stories, as I’ve been touched by yours!

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Weekend Writing Warriors – Where Are We?


Good morning/afternoon everyone and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. I hope you all had a great Halloween (hopefully your kids didn’t overdo it on the candy). I’m offering an another eight from, The Burning Night. I’m skipping ahead to a scene, which I actually shared this months ago. I’ve edited it and want to get some feedback.

Set-up: Melissa and her sister, Ashley, are sitting on a couch in the basement of their rented country house. The couch spins them around, dumping them into a strange room where they are surrounded by steel walls. Melissa studies the room, while the atmosphere overwhelms Ashley.

The eight:

Pushing my hair away from my face, I placed one hand on the wall behind us as chill blades instantly greeted my fingers. Waves of icy air rose from the floor and seeped through the bottoms of my feet. I glanced at the ink black surface underfoot, and wondered why it was so cold. Ashley rubbed her arms, like she had just come out of a freezer, and curled her toes. The vivid fear glittering in her eyes made me quiver.

“Are you cold?” I asked. Turning to me, she shook her head.

“I-it’s not that, I’m…f-f-freakin’ out here, Mel.”


I’d be freaking out, too. Things get worse from here, as many of you already know. I’ll share a few more from this story, and then share snippets from my novel. I apologize if anyone is tired of this, but I have attracted new fans who are eager to learn more about my story. Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors.

I’d like to say a shout out to Neva Squires-Rodriquez, if you happen to visit my site today: I had a great time in Chicago – the weather was beautiful and the city was amazing!

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