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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Sevilla


Thanks for stopping by. I hope these winter storms didn’t cause you too much headache. Three winter storms in one week in my neck of the woods. Sorry I didn’t participate last weekend. I was attending a writing conference in Columbus all day Saturday, and I needed to catch up on school work on Sunday. There will be the odd weekend where I can’t participate (school comes first, I’m afraid).

I’m offering a poem from Reflections & Dreams, which is my unpublished poetry collection. This poem is entitled, Sevilla, which is about the city of Seville in southern Spain.

Along the narrow paved street,
Balconies draped in green and white,
Lanky man strums the chords,
Of the Gypsy melody.

Look up at golden watch tower,
Lasting impression of the Moorish triangle,
A badge, a symbol,
For locals to call their own.

Locals take refuge in casa,
From midday sun’s blistering touch,
They call it the ‘open oven’,
Resting peacefully until sundown.

Nightfall, the city awakens,
Tapas and golden brew bring smiles.
Listening to stories of sadness,
Through thundering dance.

Rhythm and euphoria meet,
Penetrating young souls of the night,
Expunge black memories,
Until the sun returns to smile again.


It’s hard to relate to if you’ve never been. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, and if I had to recommend one city to visit in Spain, it would be Seville. I’d love to know your thoughts. Click on Weekend Writing Warriors for the official list of today’s participating writers. I apologize my previous post not allowing comments. I don’t know how that happened, but hopefully there are no “glitches” this week.

I will be out winter hiking today, so please don’t be offended if I don’t get around to commenting on your posts. Enjoy your Sunday!

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – The Castilian Prince



The second round of Weekend Writing Warriors in February. I hope everyone is staying warm these days. I’m trying to take advantage of the cold days by getting some writing in. Some days it works, other days not so.

I’m sharing another poem from Reflections & Dreams. This one is about a 14th century Spanish aristocrat named Don Juan Manuel. I admire him and the time period he lived in. I actually wrote my thesis about his work for my bachelor’s degree. I’ve had to shorten it so it meets the poetry word count limit. I hope you enjoy:

Standing on the rock plain,

Nation divided into quarreling kingdoms,

A world of hunger and decay,

Conflict and disease good company,

Death’s shadow emerges on the land,

Noble blood carves your destiny.


Defending the Castilian kingdom,

Sharing the word of God,

Raising your hand to the sky,

Peasants see the heavenly host,

Standing by your side.


Holding in your celestial hands,

A sword and a quill,

Cutting through adversaries,

Painting sage advice,

Enlightening gullible nobles,

Soothing despairing dames


Tyrants of neighboring lands,

You face without hindrance,

While forgoing slumber and bread,

Conniving, radical Moors attack you,

You answer with a Divine blade,

Etch your name in their hearts.


Seeking shelter in your abode,

A mighty castle towering the plain,

Your sanctuary and library.

Inscribing forty-two lessons,

That serve as an aristocrat’s bible,

Fighting the sands of time.

It might be a little difficult to understand, but it basically conveys what was going on in Spain in the Middle Ages – constant civil wars and madness. I’d love to know your thoughts, even though it’s hard to comment on poetry. Visit Weekend Writing Warriors to see more snippets from wonderful authors. I’m also looking to host some authors on my blog sometime soon. Ideally, I am looking for 2 authors, so if you’re interested hit the Contact Me link on my blog.

I will do my best to read everyone’s snippets, but I am working on a presentation today (sigh) so it will take me longer than usual.

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Poetry from Reflections & Dreams


Hello all! It’s great to be back on Weekend Writing Warriors after so long. I’m glad you stopped by to read my snippet. I’m offering one from my poetry collection, Reflections & Dreams, which is in the final editing stages. It’s a big change from teenagers hopping around on a hot floor.

This poem is entitled, Blue Rain, which is about an ex pursuing you after the relationship is done. I wrote it after my divorce. Here it is:

Step out into the street,bigstock-Silhouette-of-a-man-on-the-cli-33152039

Can feel the blue rain,

Droplets of deep sorrow,

Kissing my face,

Washing away life’s energy.


Soon as I feel the blue rain,

I know you’re near.

Casting the shadow of black love,

Hazel eyes, dark freckles haunting me


Soon as I feel the blue rain,

Angels of death now approaching,

Come to whisk away my soul,

Leave me empty as the bottle,

Lying in the beggar’s cold hand.


When your name shows on display,

I feel the blue rain.

Your voice sends shock waves,

Crawling all over my body,

Can’t get rid of you.


Indulging in the sunshine and sweet brew,

Then you appear.

Away with the sun,

Gusty wind arrives,

On with the blue rain.

This is my first time sharing poetry, so I’m not sure how you’ll all react. But I’d love to know your thoughts. I’ll share another poem next week. I won’t be on W.W.W. every week as my semester is busier than the last one.

For those avid Super Bowl fans, good luck to whoever you’re pulling for. Since my beloved Buccaneers didn’t even make playoffs, I guess I’m pulling for the Pats. Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors.

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