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Cover announcement for my poetry collection



I am proud to announce the cover for my new poetry collection entitled, Reflections and Dreams. This will be a collection of thirty lyrical poems, but I am not sure when I will publish it – I think I will self-publish this since there isn’t a lot of demand for poetry.

These poems, which I began writing three years ago, relate to things I have experienced and things I dream about, hence the name of the title. Each poem is either a reflection or a dream and they are about the people in my life, the places I have been and my relationship with God. For instance, one poem is about my ex-wife and our marriage. Another one is about my cultural heritage. I suppose one must understand me before they can understand the poems, but then again poetry is meant to be read first, ask questions later. You might say the man standing on the rock in the image is….well, me.

Poetry fans and non-poetry fans will like this, because it relates to all of us. If you read the poems carefully, you’ll end up saying, “Why, yes! I can relate to that.” I have been actively submitting these poems individually to contests, and one of them was published last year. I’m hoping for more success. Since things are kind of hectic in my life, I can’t say when this will be released. I’m hoping for sometime in the next two years, depending on how things go. If I’m successful, I hope you will be the first to buy it. I’m sure it will be a great read! I’ll be putting more information up about my poems soon.



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Blue Rain

Well for those you have been following my posts, I am writing a novel for young adult fiction. I also write poetry on the side, and one of my poems was successfully published and has been released in a book, entitled Harvest.  This collection of poetry showcases more than 200 poems from Canadian poets, including mine. It’s a small step, but a BIG one for me.

Last summer, I heard about a publishing company that was accepting short story and poetry submissions, and I thought “What they hay? I should submit one of my poems.” After finding one of my best poems, I sent all the paperwork to them and two months later, I get the good news. Additionally, there were money prizes awarded to the top three poems (sadly I didn’t make that cut!). Nevertheless, I’m very happy about my poem included along with so many other great poems.

The title of this poem is called Blue Rain. When you read it, it talks about love gone sour and how it continues to come back to haunt you. In this case, the sour love is my ex-wife and how she begged to take me back – which I never did! I wrote this poem in the fall of 2011. I was on the train going to Ottawa, Ontario to see a friend of mine who worked at the Turkish Embassy at the time. While riding the train, I was listening to a song from a lesser known Swedish group and the lyrics gave me the inspiration to write this poem, since I was thinking about my ex-wife. Don’t ask why I was, it just popped in there! So there I was, sitting in a Ottawa cafe, writing the poem which took half an hour. Shortly after getting back from Ottawa, I shared it with my writing group and all the members loved it, including the leader of the group – and he was a hard guy to impress!

I intend to include this poem in a collection of 29 other poems that I have written. I will share more about this collection within the next few months. So if you’re looking for a good read over the holidays, or you just plain love poetry, pick up a copy of this book so you can see mine and other great poems. Click on the link below for all the details of this wonderful book.

Polar Publishing

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