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Reflecting on 2019

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So first of all, I want to thank those who commented on my last post about Poland! I wasn’t expecting such a huge turnout! Funny how things happen when we’re not expecting them!

I’d also like to apologize for not posting as much on my blog as I normally did in years past, as well as for not being active on Twitter. I will try and make the former more of a priority. As with the latter, well…my plan is to come back to that when my debut novel is finally finished. I just don’t like to brag as much about my personal life as other authors.

Anyway, with 2020 just days away, it’s time look ahead to the potential fortunes of the new year. But before you do the countdown and crack open the bubbly, try and look back on 2019. I mean once it’s gone, it’s gone. A friend once told me that it’s good pause and reflect on the recent past and present. It helps appreciate what has been accomplished. We often get so caught on looking ahead to the future, we don’t stop reflect on what we have already achieved. What were your biggest achievements of 2019? Was 2019 not your greatest year? No worries! It might be a good idea to look back on what didn’t go so well so that 2020 can be better.

I thought I would share some of my top fives of 2019:

  1. I successfully completed my teaching contract in Poland
  2. I voluntarily created a LinkedIn page for my former school
  3. I helped a woman get home after she found herself stranded in my town
  4. I visited new countries: Hungary, Croatia and Turkey
  5. I made significant progress in my novel (ten chapters written)


Unfortunately, this year saw the end of five-year friendship. Actually, this friend lost me. After enduring months of his toxic attitude and jealousy towards me, I had to kick him to the curb. As much of a relief it was, it caused a lot of pain since we had been friends for such a long time. A lesson learned: any friend who is constantly jealous of you, criticizes your actions and holds a grudge for petty things is NOT a friend! The good thing that did come out of this is that I learned to stand up to people that rub me the wrong way (a weakness for many years).

Sadly, my uncle passed away this year at the age of 85. He was a wonderful man, always treated me like his own son whenever I visited him, and a tireless worker, father and husband.

I challenge you to look back and write down five of your biggest accomplishments of the year, and even one of two things that didn’t work out for you. Think of it as saying ‘thank you’ to 2019.

And on a final note, Happy New Year to all my loyal followers!

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Inaugural Manic Monday


Welcome to my first Manic Monday posting. As you may already know, I’m an author who shares snippets along with helpful tidbits on writing. But I also like to provide words of wisdom to people in general. Since Monday generally represents a day of gloom and misery for a lot of people, I hope that this weekly posting brings some warmth and sunshine to those dreary Mondays.

For me, Monday has always been a prosperous day. For starters, I was actually born on a Monday and have always looked on the brighter side of what has been labelled as the day most people hate. I bet for many of you, the header image is something you can relate to. But worry no more, as it is with hope that I can help brighten your Mondays with some words or stories. I usually look at Mondays as the start of a new week, which means an opportunity to accomplish something new, for example teaching my students new words or phrases. Though like you, I have bad Mondays but when I wake up each Monday morning I try and look at it as a ‘good day’. As Eric Idle once said in a song, “Always look on the bright side of life”. So to you I say, “Always look on the bright side of Monday.”

So if the header image is something you can relate to, I’d like to offer one piece of advice to turn that frown into a smile: recharge. I don’t mean ‘recharge’, by taking a vacation, but rather ‘recharge’ while at the office. When I took an intensive teacher-training course last year, one of the trainers said, “Try and get out for some fresh air during your break.” I tried to do this (though not always possible) during the hour-long lunch break we had. Even today when I’m in between classes, I try to go out for a brief walk, even if it’s freezing or raining. This is something I encourage you to do, even if your break is slightly shorter than an hour.

So what can getting out for some fresh air do for you?

  • clear your mind of any stress from the morning grind
  • listen to your thoughts, without the distractions of phones ringing or chirpy voices
  • rejuvenate your inner self, so you can come back to work with a smile on your face (coworkers and bosses actually like to see this!)
  • EXERCISE – you won’t have to spend as much time at the gym later.

So get out for some fresh air, no matter the weather or the timing. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Happy Monday!

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