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Why I Love to Read

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Some of us read for pleasure; some, say writers for example, read for research, while improving their craft. I read for both reasons. I can’t say which reason I favor more. There’s something special about laying out a blanket on a warm sunny day, kicking off your shoes and letting yourself get whisked away in a world of action, drama or romance as you feel a comforting breeze. But since it’s winter, you can read as you curl up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa.

I love to read no matter what season it is. I’m currently reading a NA drama (mostly to research the genre I write), which has me engaged. But with all the hustle of the holidays, I don’t think I’ll finish until sometime in January. So here is why I read:

  1. Research – writers should always be reading because it is the best way to improve writing skills. I have to say I’ve gotten much needed insight in every book I’ve read, even the ones that were I was less impressed with.
  2. Keeps my mind sharp – I always learn new words, which can be useful for my own writing, or in my everyday dialogue with everyone I interact with. The mind needs exercise, too!
  3. Getaway from the everyday – yeah, it’s not a week at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, but reading takes me to another world. One where I can read about someone else’s adventures. Reading even for fifteen minutes calms me down, or in my case prepares me for the day ahead. I usually read before going to work or school.
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My guest: Aspiring Author, Rachel Barnard





It gives me great pleasure to have an aspiring author and friend as my guest on my blog today. She is Rachel Barnard, the author of the recently released, Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams. We met by chance a year ago at a writer’s group in Sarasota, Florida and our passion for writing instantly connected us. Though we lives thousands of miles apart, we stay in touch.

Recently, Ms. Barnard came to me asking for help in promoting her new book. She quickly accepted my offer to host her on my blog. I always love to help my fellow writing friends build a reading audience. As many writers know, building an audience of readers, not too mention potential buyers, is time-consuming even with social media at our fingertips. I remember when she showed me an old fashioned do-it-yourself print version of her book. I also remember reading a few pages of her novel and I immediately saw the hard work and intellect she put forth into it. I encouraged her to develop a platform and get her name out there so everyone would know who she was. Here is a little bit of information about the book and herself (These are her own words):


Tagline: She will do anything – forfeit her identity, friendships, even love – to be humanity’s champion.


Blurb: As the U.S. government prepares to take over the world, MC infiltrates one of their elite academies that trains future leaders. MC must rise to the top in the Cube training grounds in order to be placed high up within the government so she can stop them in their takeover. It is not until her fourth and final year at the academy that her top-student status is threatened by the sudden arrival of Li, the new transfer student. MC is completely focused on her self-created mission until she gets sidetracked by Li, who might be bad news in more ways than which she bargained.

A little about the author:


If I could be any fictitious character, I would choose Princess Cimorene from the “Enchanted Forest Chronicles” by Patricia Wrede. I always loved the tomboy-younger-sister-turned-heroine type character.


If there was an article about me on the front page of the newspaper the headline would read, “Local Author Finds Gold on a Geocaching Adventure”


To stay sane as a writer I make sure my notes are organized and in a safe and readily accessible location.


Interested? Here are all the links to her book. Spread the word and help this talented and hardworking girl get her name out in the reading/writing world! Thanks so much Rachel for letting me host you and good luck!

link to my website:

link to my blog:

next appearance: Norwescon:

createspace link:

kindle link:

amazon link:



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Why I Like Contemporary Novels



There are so many genres of books to choose from; horror, fantasy, sci-fi, the list goes on. And it seems that the post-apocalyptic/futuristic ones are in the ‘In-crowd’ as we say today. While every genre is great, my favorite has to be the contemporary type. One might think I like them simply because I write contemporary new adult fiction. While that is true, it isn’t the only reason. I don’t know why, but I have always felt a certain connection to contemporary novels. Now I’m not trying to convince everyone to instantaneously stop reading all other genres and read contemporary ones. I’m simply stating why I like them.

So after careful thought, I like contemporary/modern genres for the following reasons:

  1. I can instantly relate to the characters and their worlds.
  2. they focus on real-life issues that affect us all.
  3. I can get into the stories quickly and often stay there throughout the read.
  4. It is much easier for me to visualize the story, because it is important to me that I can see the characters and the settings clearly.
  5. Because they are set in the modern-day, it makes me think that the stories can likely happen even if they are fiction.
  6. The characters must overcome a conflict and I often learn something from the characters’ actions.
  7. These stories help me escape my daily grind.


So even if contemporaries are not your thing, try reading just one at some point. Perhaps, you will end up liking them for the same reasons I do. But again, I’m not trying to change your mind about your reading tastes.


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