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Weekend Writing Warriors – You Have Me!



This is the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad I can be sharing in the Sunday Snippet magic. I hope spring has arrived early in your parts.
I’m continuing from my YA WIP, Love Conquers. Full blurb can be found by clicking the Love Conquers page on my blog.
This snippet takes place in a flashback where heroine, Melissa, recalls the day after her boyfriend dumped her. She has been in bed all day and is grief-stricken and her sister tries to cheer her up. This snippet continues from last week where Ashley suggests going to a yoga class. Melissa prefers walking barefoot over fiery hot coals. Let’s see what Ashley has to say about that. Creative punctuation has been used to meet the 10-sentence limit.

          “And, like, severely burn the bottoms of your feet and be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life?”
          I grunt and turn away from her.
          “Mel, you can’t, like, stay in bed forever.”
          “I gave him everything, my heart, my soul. I lost the only guy who ever loved me, I, like, have nobody now.”
           Ashley cups my chin, turning my head so that I’m looking at her, gazing at me with eyes full of sadness and concern. “That’s so not true, you, like, got your friends, Dad, and most importantly, you have me. I might, like, annoy the shit outta you sometimes, but you’ll always have me. And FYI, he lost you.”
         She kisses my forehead, and I collapse in her t-shirt, pooling it with a fresh batch of tears.

As much of a P.I.T.A. Ashley can be, she really is an awesome sister. I think she’s got a point about walking over hot coals, too! Your thoughts and feedback are most welcome and appreciated!

Happy Easter to all as well! I’ll be absent next weekend as I’m travelling to Budapest and Zagreb for my Easter holiday break!

Until next time!


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Weekend Writing Warriors – Heartbroken



This is the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad I’ve finally found a free Sunday to be with you all!

I’m sharing a snippet from my YA WIP, Love Conquers. Unfortunately, it’s not a holiday season read. Full blurb can be found by clicking the Love Conquers page on my blog.

This snippet takes place in a flashback where heroine, Melissa, recalls the day after her boyfriend dumped her. She has been in bed all day, heartbroken. Creative editing has been used to meet the sentence limit.

I’m sprawled out in the middle of my king size bed, the side of my face planted on my pillow as I stare at the picture of me and Mom. I haven’t taken my eyes off it for an hour. What I wouldn’t give to have her here right now so she can hold me. “What am I gonna do, Mom?” I whimper with hundreds of memory bubbles bursting at once in my head. They fuel the pain that’s been crushing my heart. Every passionate moment I spent with him over three years is gone. Just gone, and I can never get it back.
My blankets and sheets are twisted like I haven’t left my bed for days as I dig my fingers into the pillow case. Actually, I haven’t left this bed at all except for a couple of trips to the bathroom.


Normally, my snippets include dialogue, but I thought a little narrative description would be nice. I consider myself weak in this area, so your feedback will be very helpful!

Anyway, poor Melissa! Her breakup with her boyfriend is important to the story as it plunges her into a rough situation later in the story. More from this scene next week, I hope!

In other news, I have officially decided that I’m going to leave Poland after contract finishes. I like it here, but not enough to stay another year. I’m not sure where I will end up, but I would like some more adventure abroad. Living abroad, for me, the best experience anyone can get – if they are fortunate enough to have it of course!

Thanks for your comments!

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Father Knows Best…Not!

This is the 8-10 sentence blog hop, Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the list of participators and rules for participation. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to read my snippet.

I’m offering another excerpt from Never Let Go. We shift away from Ashley teasing Melissa to another theme of the story: father-daughter relationship.

In this scene, Melissa, Ashley and their parents are having their first meal at the country home where they’re staying. Ashley’s mother admires her daughter’s leather bracelet, which is a gift from her new boyfriend. When Ashley tries to get her dad to admire it, he offers a different point of view. The narration is in Melissa’s POV:

Dad glazed over the bracelet and offered a half-hearted shrug. “It would be more beautiful it came from someone with more class and manners.”

“Kevin,” my mom snapped as Ashley’s face instantly fell.

“Daddy, how can you say that?”

“You know how I feel about that boy,” he reached for another slice of garlic bread. “It’s obvious those green eyes and brown curls have you under his spell, but I know a simpleton when I see one. If you wish to find out the hard way, like your sister did with Chris, you are more than welcome.”    

“That’s not fair, Dad, you don’t know Steve at all, he-”

“It’s a beautiful bracelet,” I jumped in, narrowing my eyes at Dad. “And Steve’s so much better than Chris, he treats Ashley like a princess and makes her happy, so that’s all that matters.”


Well kudos to Melissa for standing up for her little sister. I think this snippet coincides perfectly with it being Father’s Day and all. Later in the story, you discover that Dad was right all along. I’m sorry that I didn’t get around to visiting everyone’s posts last week. It’s been kind of hectic with Euro 2016 going on. I’ll do my best to read and comment today. Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, especially my own dad who has been the best dad a child could have in my opinion.


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