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Weekend Writing Warriors – You Have Me!



This is the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad I can be sharing in the Sunday Snippet magic. I hope spring has arrived early in your parts.
I’m continuing from my YA WIP, Love Conquers. Full blurb can be found by clicking the Love Conquers page on my blog.
This snippet takes place in a flashback where heroine, Melissa, recalls the day after her boyfriend dumped her. She has been in bed all day and is grief-stricken and her sister tries to cheer her up. This snippet continues from last week where Ashley suggests going to a yoga class. Melissa prefers walking barefoot over fiery hot coals. Let’s see what Ashley has to say about that. Creative punctuation has been used to meet the 10-sentence limit.

          “And, like, severely burn the bottoms of your feet and be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life?”
          I grunt and turn away from her.
          “Mel, you can’t, like, stay in bed forever.”
          “I gave him everything, my heart, my soul. I lost the only guy who ever loved me, I, like, have nobody now.”
           Ashley cups my chin, turning my head so that I’m looking at her, gazing at me with eyes full of sadness and concern. “That’s so not true, you, like, got your friends, Dad, and most importantly, you have me. I might, like, annoy the shit outta you sometimes, but you’ll always have me. And FYI, he lost you.”
         She kisses my forehead, and I collapse in her t-shirt, pooling it with a fresh batch of tears.

As much of a P.I.T.A. Ashley can be, she really is an awesome sister. I think she’s got a point about walking over hot coals, too! Your thoughts and feedback are most welcome and appreciated!

Happy Easter to all as well! I’ll be absent next weekend as I’m travelling to Budapest and Zagreb for my Easter holiday break!

Until next time!


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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Melissa Can’t Take Anymore


Another weekend and another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to check out my snippet. I hope you will visit other participants’ websites and view theirs. Just click on the link. I’m continuing from last week’s snippet from The Burning Night. No skipping this time, we pick up right from where we left off.

Set-up: After Ashley snaps at Melissa, she begins to break down as Ashley consoles her. This is in Melissa’s POV.

The eight (with a little creative punctuation):


     I stared at the carpet as tears welled up in my eyes – a teenager could only take so much. The combination of fright, worry, not to mention the pain in my arm overwhelmed me as tears cascaded down my cheek.

         “I’m not makin’ this up,” I said tearfully. “I swear, you’re w-worse than Dad…wh-why don’t you believe me?”

     I sniffled as Ashley’s pale feet suddenly appeared in front of me. Looking up, I saw a sad smile on her face as teardrops dripped from my chin and splattered onto the carpet. She knelt down, scooted beside me and pulled my face against her shoulder.

 “I’m sorry, Mel, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

With everything that’s happened, you can’t blame Melissa for breaking down. It almost made me cry as I wrote it. And things only get worse for these kids. I’d love to know what you think. I’ll be out hiking most of the day, so I won’t get to reading snippets until later this evening. If I don’t get to yours, I’m not snubbing you.

I will be away next weekend as I’m going to Chicago for a weekend getaway. I’ll continue this scene the following weekend. Take care and thanks for stopping by!


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When Life Gets You Down

Stressed young businesswoman sitting at her desk in the office

It comes now and again: that time when life gets us down. Sometimes we know why and sometimes we don’t. I think it’s really tough when you’re down and don’t exactly know why.

I remember an old song from Monty Python The Meaning of Life and it goes like this: “Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown. And things seem hard or tough. And People are stupid, obnoxious or daft…and you feel that you’ve had quite enooooough! Just remember…”

So what do you do when life gets you down? Well there are so many ways, but rather than tell you the obvious, I’d like to share one way that’s often overlooked.

Think of all the challenges that you’ve overcome, which has made you a stronger person today. Think of one or two challenges that were really tough on you and what you were going through at the time. Then you should recall what steps you took to overcome those challenges and how it changed your life from there.

When you look back on those challenges you remind yourself of how strong you were and how you’re much stronger today. So when those gloomy days come, you can remind yourself of your strength and perseverance. You’ll be able to say, “I’m strong, nothing can beat me! This isn’t so bad.” You’ll feel much better because only you had the power to get through that difficult time in your life.

So in short, when life gets you down do the following:

  • recall one or two very challenging moments from your past
  • write down what the situation was and how you were feeling at the time
  • write down everything you did to overcome it
  • what did you learn from that challenge?
  • how have those challenges made you a better person?
  • say out loud, “I am a champion! I will get through this!”
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