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Weekend Writing Warriors – 03/03/13

Hello and welcome to another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. Sorry I couldn’t participate last week, I missed you all though. This week I’m sharing more from my WIP novel. This week’s eight moves into the chapter after the diner setting with Ryan and Miguel. Enjoy!

Set-up: Cammy never showed up for dinner, nor replied to Ryan’s texts or calls. The next day, Ryan finally sees Cammy meditating in a yoga posture (one of her hobbies) in the middle of the student center on campus. He uneasily approaches her. We learn why she didn’t show up.

Still staring at her in awe, his phone hanging by his ear, Ryan shook his head and blinked rapidly to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He let out a huge breath and shuffled toward her, his hands trembling. He knew she was into yoga, but wondered how she could focus with the constant chatter and the smacking of pool balls across the table. 

“C-Cammy?” He squeaked.

“’Sup stud,” she acknowledged, keeping her eyes shut.

“W-what h-happended last night? Where were you?”

“Got wasted,” she said as she slowly brought her hands to the center of her chest, pressing them together.


Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors, and be sure to check them out. Until next time!

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