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Final Six Sunday

Hard to believe it, but it’s actually the last official Six Sunday. I want to first thank everyone who consistently read and commented on my sixes over the past year – you’ve made a difference on my writing process. Your support came at a time when my first mentor kept saying “This story will never sell; you need to write a story about a car chase.” I might have given up on it had it not been for your supportive words, so thanks. I’ve enjoyed reading your sixes as well. I understand that Skye Warren is intending to start a new Six Sunday, so I’m crossing my fingers that there’s going to be enough people signing up.

For the last six, we move away from Cammy’s bad childhood memories and into a new chapter. Ryan’s brother Miguel has learned about Ryan’s friendship with Cammy and wants to meet her. Ryan tells Cammy about his brother wanting to meet her, and she agrees to it. Ryan rambles continuously about how his brother is judgemental and rude at times, and Cammy senses that Ryan might fear Miguel. She’s the first to speak.

“You afraid of your brother?” she asked, lifting her head. He fidgeted at the loop of his jeans and blinked rapidly.

“No…of course not,” he replied timidly. Along with his quick temper, Miguel was helping him with his tuition and rent and Ryan knew he would cut him off in an instant.

“Don’t believe ya, stud. Can sense the fear in your voice.”

Regardless of what happens after, I’m going to continue posting snippets of my stories. If Skye Warren’s new SSS does not kick off, then I will post snippets on Saturdays (They will be seven sentences). So follow my blog as well as me on Twitter so you can stay updated. It’s been a pleasure meeting you all and hopefully we can continue to stay connected. Sign up on Skye Warren’s link, if haven’t already done so. I hope you all will keep supporting me on completing my novel.

Frank Fisher



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Six Sunday – 01/20/13

Only one more round of Six Sunday after this week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sundays won’t be the same. But thanks for spending part of your Sunday to check out my six. There are so many authors whose works I’ve enjoyed reading, even if it’s only six sentences. This week I’m sharing a six that features one more devastating detail about Cammy’s dad. I’m glad to see that many of you are feeling for Cammy as this how I’d like my readers to feel. In this six, Cammy has just told Ryan that after her mom died her dad developed a drinking problem and would often get drunk and hit her.  Ryan is the first to speak:

“Didn’t you tell anyone?”

“Wanted to, but he threatened me, saying he was the only one who could take care of me – such a load of shit!” She wiped a tear from her puffy face.

“Got to the point where I was afraid to go home after school. Course one night when I came home from my boyfriend’s house, he was wasted. Got pissed at me for bein’ late, so he threw me against the wall and punched my arm.”

Your comments are greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance. Visit the Six Sunday link, for the complete list of many authors, like myself.




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Six Sunday – 01/13/13

I can’t believe we only have three weeks of Six Sunday left. I really hope that we can find a way to keep it going after it officially ends; Sundays won’t be the same. Thanks for taking the time to read my six – it’s always appreciated. This week, we continue from my novel where Cammy has been telling Ryan about her abusive dad. In this six, she gives Ryan an example of what her dad did after she came home from a school dance. She speaks first:

 “Remember one time when I was fifteen, I came home from a dance after my date hooked up with some chick while we were on the dance floor. My dad was sittin’ on that damn couch, watchin’ some stupid game. I’m all in tears, and he turns to me givin’ me a funny look. After I told him what had happened, know what the fuck he said?”

Ryan slowly shrugged, giving her a dazed look.

“Said, ‘It’s whatcha get for dressin’ up like a whore, get used to it’,” she said, her voice breaking and her eyes welling up.

Next week, I will share one more piece of Cammy’s dad. It might be the worst of his treatment of her. Visit the Six Sunday link, for the complete list of many authors, like myself. Follow the action on Twitter  by searching #sixsunday

Enjoy your day!

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