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Weekend Writing Warriors/Snippet Sunday – Borrowing Dad’s Car

This is the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link to visit other participating writers. I’m also participating in Facebook’s Snippet Sunday. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m so glad to be back after a long hiatus. Hopefully, this will help with the COVID-19 blues.

I’m offering a snippet from my WIP, Driving Me Wild (formerly Love Conquers). This comes from the first chapter where heroine, Melissa, has asked her dad if she can borrow his car so she can drive her friends to a theme park. The snippet, which is in Melissa’s POV, begins with her dad’s reaction. Creative punctuation has been used to meet the sentence limit. Enjoy:


My dad’s brows shoot up. “I suggest you find an alternate payback method, young lady! My car is off limits, and that’s final!”
“Are you, like, still pissed about that?”
“You better believe it, Melissa Lauren Isabel! When you got your license, I asked you to obey the traffic laws as a condition of using my vehicle. And you went out and got a fifty-five-dollar speeding ticket!”
A couple of months ago, I was pulled over for speeding through a residential area while on my way to a pool party hosted by one of Cass’s friends.
“Dad, it wasn’t my fault, I-”
“You went ten miles over the speeding limit,” he reminds me with flaring nostrils.


I guess we know where this going. This dilemma is one of Melissa’s obstacles in the story. As this is the first draft, your thoughts and constructive feedback are most welcome and appreciated; they will aid during the editing stages.

The blurb can be found here.


In case everyone is wondering, I am doing fine despite the pandemic. Staying active, keeping mentally and physically fit the best I can, and catching up on writing. My thoughts go out to all feeling the COVID-19 blues, especially those facing total lockdown.

See you next time!

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