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Why I Write

A writer friend whom I met through Weekend Writing Warriors inspired me to write this post. In fact, she wrote a post about why she wrote and I thought, “Hmm, that’s a good idea.” Coming up with blog posts is hard sometimes, especially since I’m not published yet or even querying to agents. This post seems appropriate because it is one that relates all writers – why do we write in the first place? For me, I know exactly why I write, seeing as I’ve only been doing it actively for the past four years.

First of all, I don’t write in order to get published and make big bucks. Getting published is great, but it isn’t the main reason I write. As for the money part, I know I won’t make enough to quit my job and live off my royalties. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to quit my day job! It fulfills me and I really like it. Writing is awesome, but I would never want to write 24 hours a day; I want to see my friends and interact with new people.

Here are a few reasons why I write:

  1. I love to create stories and characters. Ever since I was five years old, I’ve loved to create characters and stories (it was a wonderful way to escape reality). I’m very creative and I like to see where my characters go in the stories I create for them.
  2. It helps me relax. When the daily grind gets me down, writing brings me back to life and reminds me of the talent I possess. I can pick up my laptop, head over to a coffee shop in the evening and write while listening to my favorite tunes. Being around pockets of people socializing actually motivates me to write, and that also eases the tensions from a hard day.
  3. It gives me a purpose in life. Writing is something that you can do until the day you can’t write anymore. You can write story after story. For me, it is my calling and I love the fact that I’m actually doing something most people only dream of doing. It gives me something to look forward to-day after day.
  4. I have stories to tell. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of things – some which I wished I’d never seen. They can only come out on pad and paper, and they will make a difference in the world. You only get one shot in life, so for me it’s now or never.


Of course I love to read and I enjoy the written word. It is a precious thing even in a world that has changed so much in the last twenty years. I couldn’t imagine not writing fiction; the world wouldn’t make sense. I think all writers should stop and ponder why it is they write. It keeps us motivated and we come to know ourselves better as writers.

So thank you Victoria Davenport for inspiring me to write this post!

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When I can and can’t put down a book

OK, I’ll admit it, the first thing I notice about a book is the cover. For me, it helps me visualize what the book is about. Of course, I proceed to look at the back cover and if the blurb is interesting, then I just might buy that book. The same goes for buying ebooks. If the blurb and cover capture my interest, then I proceed to read.

Like any other reader, there needs to be certain things in the story so I can keep turning the pages. One thing I will admit: I don’t care if the author is a NY Times Bestseller. For me, that doesn’t make that author the greatest writer. I’ve read books by NY Times Bestselling authors that I gave up reading after the fifteenth page. Although it’s great for the author, the bestselling author bit means nothing to me. So here are some things which determine whether I’ll keep reading a book or not.

When I can’t put a book down:

  • the storyline is realistic and interesting. If I can relate to the story, I can become a part of it.
  • Well-developed characters. I personally like characters that have had a traumatic back story and have adversity to overcome throughout the book.
  • Dialogue. This is a MUST for me in every book. I learn more about what a character is like through the way they interact with other characters. I especially like tension-building dialogue between the heroines.
  • The main character faces a challenge in every chapter
  • Twists at the end of chapters. When characters face a turning point at the end of the chapter, I’m always curious to what will happen next. It makes me look forward to reading the next chapter.


What makes me lose interest in books:

  • No dialogue within the first four pages. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Every story has to have dialogue, or you lose me as a reader.
  • Too much description. I don’t like it when a writer spends four pages describing everything in a scene. I don’t need to know every book, kitchen utensils, etc. are in a house. Just the basics, then move on.
  • The story isn’t going anywhere. I read a book, whose name shall remain nameless, where four chapters describe the main characters making love. OK, I get it. The characters love each other, so how about giving them something that tests their relationship? A story has to go from the beginning to the end, and not get stuck in the middle.
  • I spend more time looking up words in a dictionary than reading the book. Some authors love sticking in attractive-looking vocabulary and showing off their knowledge of words. But remember, not everyone is fortunate enough to go to school.



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Seven Reasons Why Reading Books Is Good

Think reading books is a waste of time? Think again! Reading books whether it’s online or print can be useful in so many ways. I’m not talking about reading that “How To..” guide or a cookbook, but I’m talking about reading stories. Those books are out there on the shelves for a reason: to be read. Without readers, the characters and stories around them will have no meaning to exist.

So why should you curl up with a good book? Here’s why:

1. Books whisk you away to a new world, which can help you escape from your daily grind.

2. Exercise for your mind – as you get older, it becomes more and more crucial that you exercise your brain. This can reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s (a friend once told me this).

3. You can learn something new. Expand your vocabulary, learn about a new place or animal.

4. A way to relax, especially if you’ve been having a rough morning/day at the office. Books are great way to calm your nerves.

5. Brings out your emotions. Sometimes we just need to laugh, cry or be in suspense.

6. Something to talk about on a first date. While not everyone appreciates books, they are a great way to break the ice. Books also demonstrate your intelligence. (Everyone loves a man/woman with brains!)

7. A way to pass the time – waiting at the doctor’s office, a long flight, train ride, daily commute. Need I say more?


If you’re a writer, reading books is expected of you. Whatever genre or type of writing you’re doing, you need to research books in your genre, so that you can see the styles of similar authors. So go onto Amazon, or to your local bookstore and start reading!

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