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Weekend Writing Warriors – Melissa’s Dilemma #8Sunday


Thanks for visiting me on this gorgeous Sunday! The weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the links for participation guidelines, as well as the official list of participating authors. First time to Weekend Writing Warriors? Not sure which blogs to visit? May I suggest you visit Amy Braun, Jessica E. Subject, Veronica Scott and Caitlin Stern.

I continue with my YA novel, Due for Love (tentative title for now). We are at the start of a new chapter, where Melissa is pacing through every room at her house while looking for a job. The stress of trying to earn some much-needed extra cash has her restlessly pacing around her house, when she suddenly remembers a chore she needs to do. The snippet is in first-person and has been formatted to fit the 10 sentence rule:

       I’ve toured every room in the house including the bedrooms of Ashley and Dad, risking verbal beatings from both whilebrowsing through job postings and Facebook. My heart is racing like one of those Japanese bullet trains as I pace around the kitchen, and I’m now regretting that fifth cup of coffee at breakfast. On top of that, my eyes are stinging from an overdose of blue light, increasing the already likelihood of needing glasses by the time I’m 25.

       After putting my tablet on sleep mode, I suck in a breath as my eyes meet a message to me from my dad on the dry erase board by the fridgereminding me to water all the plants today.

        “Aw shit,” I pound the countertop, causing Dasher to jump and scat out of the kitchen. “How the fuck did I forget?”

        It’s my turn to water the plants, and because Dad checks to make sure Ashley and I have done our chores, I’ll be grounded if I don’t.
         I’m greeted by the sun’s UV rays stinging my skin as I come through the door frame into my backyard with a full watering can. Intense heat quickly seeps through the bottoms of my feet the moment I step onto the deck. “Aaahh, ow, ow,” I hop around, enduring a blistering hot foot.

Ouch! Guess she should’ve put one some shoes! Luckily, it will be be a very brief hot foot. I’ll continue with this scene next week where someone from Melissa’s past will appear. In case you are wondering, Melissa needs to earn extra money as she is moving to California for college, but her father refuses to help her move her stuff so she needs to find another way. FYI, Dasher is Melissa’s cat.

Well, I have some exciting news for you all! I have accepted a new job teaching English in Poland. I’ll be living in a small city 40 miles from Warsaw. The job starts in September and I’m very excited as I have been dreaming of teaching English abroad for many years! Don’t worry, as I will continue to share snippets from across the Atlantic. Since I’ve had a rough year in Ottawa, I feel that this opportunity has come as a blessing! Though I will miss living in the capital of my country.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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When Life Gets You Down

Stressed young businesswoman sitting at her desk in the office

It comes now and again: that time when life gets us down. Sometimes we know why and sometimes we don’t. I think it’s really tough when you’re down and don’t exactly know why.

I remember an old song from Monty Python The Meaning of Life and it goes like this: “Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown. And things seem hard or tough. And People are stupid, obnoxious or daft…and you feel that you’ve had quite enooooough! Just remember…”

So what do you do when life gets you down? Well there are so many ways, but rather than tell you the obvious, I’d like to share one way that’s often overlooked.

Think of all the challenges that you’ve overcome, which has made you a stronger person today. Think of one or two challenges that were really tough on you and what you were going through at the time. Then you should recall what steps you took to overcome those challenges and how it changed your life from there.

When you look back on those challenges you remind yourself of how strong you were and how you’re much stronger today. So when those gloomy days come, you can remind yourself of your strength and perseverance. You’ll be able to say, “I’m strong, nothing can beat me! This isn’t so bad.” You’ll feel much better because only you had the power to get through that difficult time in your life.

So in short, when life gets you down do the following:

  • recall one or two very challenging moments from your past
  • write down what the situation was and how you were feeling at the time
  • write down everything you did to overcome it
  • what did you learn from that challenge?
  • how have those challenges made you a better person?
  • say out loud, “I am a champion! I will get through this!”
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5 Ways to Prevent Catching a Cold

It’s that time of year. The weather is getting colder, people are back to school and their hectic routines. Of course it is the time of year when you see the odd people sniffling, coughing, sneezing etc. Then suddenly, you see that odd number double, triple. Before you know it, it seems like everyone around you is sick! This isn’t fantasy, it’s reality. A couple of weeks ago, I had a student come to class with a nasty cold. I told him he shouldn’t have come to class, but he insisted that he had never missed a day of school. Two days later, three other students caught his cold. I was fortunate to escape unscathed.

It seems impossible to avoid catching a cold, but actually you can. How? Try following these tips:

  1. Wash your hands. Seems redundant, but one of the most common ways people catch colds because they don’t frequently wash their hands. You should definitely make washing hands a habit if you work in an office or a school. A good thing to do is carry some hand sanitizer with you.
  2. Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth. This is where the germs enter. If you must touch them, wash your hands first, or use sanitizer if you can’t get to a washroom.
  3. Start taking daily vitamins. Fish oils, B-6 and Magnesium are great ideas. Take two of each everyday and soon you’ll see the difference. I’ve taking these everyday for fourteen years now. Works for me – I haven’t been sick for nearly a year now.
  4. Eat healthy foods. Soup, apples, anything rich with vitamins will do.
  5. Beauty rest. Seven to eight hours is ideal. When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system weakens, thus leaving you prone to viruses.


So stay healthy, and hopefully you won’t be calling in sick this season.

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