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Surviving Finals

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Probably the most stressful time for college students: finals week. Everywhere on campus you’ll find pockets of students cramming for final exams, while forgoing much-needed sleep. This is especially hard on graduating seniors, whose graduation often depends on acing those exams. You’ve just survived those final projects and presentations, now you have final exams to deal with. Oh no!

With the belief in yourself, as well as a little help from your friends and family, you will make it through this crucial stage of your college career.

  1. Pick the right study place – your bed in your dorm room is a no-no in this situation. Beds are for sleeping, not for studying. The library and student centers will likely be crowded during finals, so you might want to use these options sparingly. Try a diner or a coffee shop off campus. They’ll be less crowded, and being around regular people will help you get some temporary relief from the campus grind.
  2. Get proper nourishment – my school counselor from way back once told me, “Gallons of coffee are not the way to survive finals.” I’d like to echo that statement. Also ease up on those energy drinks and sodas. They’ll only leave you restless. Stock up on a supply of green tea, milk and fruit juices. Also, try and eat Greek yogurt, fruit and vegetables. Your body and mind will thank you.
  3. Get plenty of rest – seriously! Especially the night before an exam. You’ll retain what you have studied more with at least 8 hours of sleep. Finals week is stressful enough, which takes a beating on your immune system. Lack of sleep adds to this beating, and you don’t want to be sick at the start of summer vacation do you?
  4. Study over a period of time – I’ve never been a fan of all-nighters. In truth, they don’t do you any good and you are likely to forget most of what you study. It is better to study for an hour, then take a break. Try and do this during the course of a day, rather than staying up all night studying. You will retain the content more efficiently.
  5. Study group – It has been said that studying with others aids in getting through exam week. But don’t just study with any person from your classes. Choose ones you know are reliable and really want to succeed. Ones that simply want to earn credit are best avoided. You can recognize these characters easily. I’ve been on my own in this department, as my classmates are difficult to schedule study groups. Hopefully you will have better luck than I have.

So happy studying and may God be with you in this looming week.

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Tips for college-bound freshmen

Graduation girl holding diploma


Heading to college this fall? I bet you can’t wait! And I bet you’re anxious to see yourself like this young lady in four years. It’s a great journey, and will be the best four years of your life. But don’t get too excited, because it’s hard work as well. I still remember my college years, and since my stories take place in college, I’d like to share some tips on how to survive the next four years of life.

I could write a book about this, but I will stick to the most important things you need to know.

  • Choose wisely. A phrase which appears in my novel, which will help you throughout college. You need to choose the following with care: your classes; your class schedule; when and where you study; your major; your living arrangements; your study buddies. The list goes on.
  • Your professors. They’re not going to remind you about deadlines. If you don’t care about your education, neither will they. They’re there to help, but it’s up to you to approach them for help. FYI, Do go to your professors for help, and introduce yourself to them during the first week of classes.
  • Study a little bit every day. This will make things easier for you when deadlines suddenly begin to pile up, and believe me they will pile up!
  • Watch how much you party. Don’t overdo it, especially if you have an 8am class the next morning. Balancing school work and a social life is one of the hardest things a college student has to do. But in the end, you need to ask yourself which in the long run is more important to you.
  • Invest in a planner, and write down all the important¬†deadlines for your courses. This way, you will know what’s coming up each week. Again, no one else will remind you, and you don’t want to suddenly discover you have a four-page essay due the next day – and you haven’t even started it yet!
  • Take at least one day off during the week. By this I mean, a day that’s for you so you can recharge – no school work or studying. I suggest taking Sundays off.
  • Don’t get a part-time job in college, unless you really need the money. Having a part-time job leaves you with less time to study.
  • You’re not in high school anymore. You’ve probably heard this already, and you’ll hear plenty of more times. What you did or who you were doesn’t matter in college. Don’t let the fact that you were student council president think that you’re better than those in college. This is a great way to make the upperclassmen turn their noses up at you.


So I wish you all the very best as you begin your new life in college. Work hard, but do enjoy all the social events that come with it.


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