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Weekend Writing Warriors – Bratty Little Sis


Summer is practically around the corner. For a taste of stories from diverse writers, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m continuing with The Burning Night. Apologies to those that are eager for more from Let Go, but I really want to keep going with this story.

In this excerpt, Ashley stops tickling Melissa. Ashley shows off how she loves “tormenting” her sister, and Melissa isn’t happy. This snippet has been modified to meet the new 8-10 sentence rule.

I could feel my cheeks flush as I tried to catch my breath. A sharp pain in my ribs followed, and I put one hand over my ribcage.

With a thrust-out chest, Ashley looked at me with one of those ‘gotcha’ expressions. “I, like, never get tired of that!”

“You little brat,” I glared at her, pushing my hair away from my face. That’s the problem with siblings – they know all your weaknesses. She revealed them to all my friends through Facebook, including my big fear of spiders. She even blabbed about my ticklish feet to Chris the first time I brought him home, and he took full advantage of it throughout our whole relationship.

Ashley shrugged with a smirk like the whole thing was no biggie, and every muscle started tensing in body.

I think Ashley’s gone too far, and it looks like we’re gonna see a cat-fight. Because Melissa will be going away to college, Ashley teases her as much as she can until then. That’s the way she is, but she really loves her sister and looks up to her as an idol. How she deals with her sister going away is actually a subplot to the story. Chris is Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her a week before the story begins. Makes you want to care for her more, huh? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’d like to wish a happy belated birthday to one of our Weekend Writing Warriors moderators – happy birthday Millie Burns! Thanks for everything that you do!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – More Tickling!


For a sampling of snippets from many fine authors, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors. I remembered to sign up this time. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and I hope you get plenty of fawning from loved ones! I’d like to send a shout-out to my own mother, who truly has the endurance of a fighter. She’s taught me never to give up and not to “play ball” with those that are up to no good.

I’m continuing to share a snippet from The Burning Night.

This picks up from the last eight where Ashley has pinned her sister, Melissa, down on her bed and is tickling her feet. Melissa’s feet are extremely ticklish. Ashley takes full pleasure in making her sister suffer, and naturally doesn’t give in to her pleas. This is Melissa’s POV and she speaks first. The snippet is in the new 8-10 sentence rule.

“S-s-stop you du-dumbass, it-it’s pure torture!”

Ashley’s fingers were like the bristles of a spinning power brush. I tried to punch her, but the tickling jolted every nerve in my body like an electric shock. She laughed as she tickled one foot then the other, sending me into another storm of squealing and laughter. Then her fingers hit the most ticklish spots – the area just below the balls of my feet.

“A-ashley, s-seriously! I-I-I’m gonna pa-pass out!”

I pounded the comforter repeatedly, hoping she’d take that as my way of saying, “Uncle”. My ribs started to ache from constant squirming and uncontrollable laughing.

Oh that Ashley. Poor Melissa. How much more can she take? This is nothing compared to what happens to her feet later in the story (wink, wink). This shows the relationship between the sisters, and I think it’s kinda cute. I look forward to reading your snippets today.

I needed some advice, if any of you have expertise on this. I want to self publish a poetry collection, but I’m not sure if I should have them professionally edited. Any thoughts on this?

Have a great Sunday!

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Tickle Torture


For a fun way to sample stories in 8 sentences, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors. You’ll find the official list of participating authors like me. Apparently, I forgot to sign up, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see my name on the list. With the week I’ve had, I see why that happened. The semester is officially over for me. No final exams – yay!!

Thank you for commenting on my snippet from Let Go last week. Today I’d like to take a break from Let Go and offer an eight from The Burning Night, my YA horror novella. I originally said I wouldn’t be sharing more from it, but I’ve been editing it and I just had to share a few snippets.

This is the nicer side of the story, where we find my main characters, Melissa and Ashley, hanging out in Melissa’s bedroom of the house their parents have rented for a few days. Melissa and Ashley are teenage sisters. After a little bit of serious talk, Ashley lets out her “playful” side by tickling Melissa’s feet. This is in Melissa’s POV.

The eight:

Just as I rested my head on the pillow, Ashley sprung on the bed and sat on my legs.

“Hey, get off me,” I sat up and shoved her. “What the hell are you doin’?”

With a playful sneer, she took one look at my feet, wiggled her fingers and my heart started sprinting.

“No, not again, Ash, please don’t tickle them!”

With a nod and a giggle, she reached for my feet with one hand.

“Ashley, no-aaaaahhh!”

Her fingers trailed rapidly along the bottoms of my feet as I squealed and laughed spasmodically.

Ah, sweet sisterly love! Ashley is such a rascal. She does stuff like this to her sister all the time. And Melissa is very ticklish. It’s kind of a subplot to the story. The tickle torture will continue, though I’m not sure if I’ll be participating next week as I’ll be away in San Francisco for a few days. I’ll participate the following week if that’s the case.

I’d love your thoughts on this one. I will return to Let Go soon. I hope the weather is nice in your parts, and have a great Sunday!

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