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Six Sunday – 12/2/12

Welcome to another week of Six Sunday. Hard to believe we’re in the last month of 2012. I hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit. We pick up from last week, where Ryan has gotten some hostility from Cammy’s coworker. He won’t tell him where she is, so Ryan stands his ground warning him not to mess with him. So hope you like it. On a personal note, a new book which features one of my poems was just released this past week. The book is entitled Harvest and you can click on its link for details. It’s a small step, but I’m happy to have my poem published. Anyways, have a good day!

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“Go ‘head, little boy, make yer move,” the young lad said as he clenched his fists. Ryan took his fist back when a voice interrupted him.

“Boys, boys,” Cammy said as she walked in from an adjoining room. They turned to her, watching her come within arm’s reach of them.

“Duffy, Lance just had the carpet shampooed, doubt he’d be too happy if he saw blood splattered all over it.”

“This stiff here says he knows ya,” the man said as Ryan glared at him.



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