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Weekend Writing Warriors – Melissa and Ashley meet the mystery woman


It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. Thanks for spending part of your Sunday with me, and for your comments from my previous post. Today I’m continuing to share an eight from my short story, Barbecued. This eight picks up from the last line from last week.

Set-up: 18 year-old Melissa and her 16 year-old sister, Ashley, have just been trapped in a steel walled room, and are greeted by their captor.

The eight:

We immediately looked up, and saw a middle-aged woman with curly black hair staring down at us through a circular skylight. Along with her were two young girls, no older than twelve, greeting us with cynical grins.

“Who…who are you?” I asked.

“I am Emily, the owner of this house,” she announced in a deep voice.  “You must be Melissa and Ashley Murdock…you and your parents are trespassing on my property!”

My mouth dropped, and I felt my stomach flutter. “How did you know our names?”

“I knew you were coming, I’ve been monitoring you since you arrived,” the woman answered.

Shocking, no? Just so you know, Emily and her family were evicted from their house by the bank and it is being rented by vacationers. Hence, why Mel and Ashley are there. Next week, we will see what Emily has in store for the girls. Your comments are always helpful and appreciated. I look forward to reading your snippets, too. Click on the link above for the official list of participating authors. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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