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Weekend Writing Warriors/#Snippet Sunday – Tell Me or Else!





Welcome to the weekly 8-10 sentence blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link for the official list of participating writers to get your fix of snippets. You’ll also find me on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday. Thanks for visiting my blog on this Easter weekend!

Continuing from my WIP, Driving Me Wild.  In the same chapter as last week’s snippet, but in a different scene.

Melissa is at home texting her online dating match, Logan, when her younger sister, Ashley, notices. She knows that Melissa is on a dating site, and suspects she’s talking to a guy. Now she wants to know who.

Creative punctuation has been used to meet the sentence limit. Disclaimer: snippet contains coarse language.



Ashley springs to her feet from the sofa. “Oh my God, you, like, met someone on that site, you’re textin’ him!”

Keeping my eyes fastened to my phone, I reply, “I’m texting Cass, stupid, now get lost!” 

“Bullshit, c’mon, who is he?”

I snort and ignore her.

“Tell me who he is or else!”

I look up from the screen and catch her a few feet away from me, beaming, and arms folded with mischief dancing in her eyes. 

Framing a glare with my brows, I slip my phone under the pillow behind me and ball both fists. What makes the little brat think that she’ll beat me up?

“Ash, you lay one finger on me, and I’ll-”


Whoa! Looks like Ashley’s made her move. Silly of Melissa to try and lie to her sister about texting her friend. Find out what happens next week! Your feedback is most welcome and appreciated. In return, I will snippets and offer comments. And have a very safe and enjoyable Easter!



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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday -Little Does He Know

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, and Happy Valentines to all ! Click on the link if you want to know who’s participating, and/or how you can participate too! Thanks to everyone who commented on my post last week; it was great to reconnect with you all after a long absence!

I’m sharing another excerpt from Room For Three. With the arrival of Joey’s sister looming, Mike wants to know why she’s not too excited. This is all in Joey’s POV:


Mike sits down in the armchair next to me as I take a sip from the mug without asking what’s in it. I know right away it’s Irish Cream coffee, and the mix of whiskey, cream, coffee and sugar instantly dances on my tongue. Mike gazes at me with his emerald Irish green eyes, tingling me all over.

“I get the feelin’ you’re not thrilled about your wee sis joinin’ ya at school,” he implies.

My lips stretch ear to ear briefly before I turn my head to one side.

“Ah c’mon, she’s family,” he tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. “I know you’ve had your battles in the past, but ye must look forward, now.”

He clutches my hand, and the warmth of his fingers races through my skin. Little does he know about my battles with Sarah. I didn’t put a lock on my bedroom door for nothing.


The last line says a lot doesn’t it! Sarah isn’t exactly the nicest person in the world. I’ll share a snippet next week with her in it. Your feedback is most appreciated. I will do my best to read everyone’s snippet today, but it will likely be later in the day when I can as I’m out hiking today.

I’m taking the Miller Analogies Test tomorrow, which the final requirement for my PhD application. Wish me luck!

Remember that Valentines Day isn’t just about the cards, candies and candlelit dinners. It’s about showing your lovey how much they mean to you. Do something special, something they would not expect!


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Let Go: Guilty Cammy Gets the Message


It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time. Today I’m continuing from last week’s 8. Ryan has just given Cammy you know what, and now we she how she takes it. This will be the last I share from this scenario and next week will be a whole new chapter. Thanks for all your feedback. Enjoy!


She averted his gaze and stared down at her feet, as she put her hands on her hips. She lifted her chin and Ryan rolled his eyes, unconvinced of her guilty face. Pulling up a chair, she sat down and put up her feet on the chair next to Ryan. “Guess I ain’t used to people lookin’ out for me,” she admitted. “Didn’t know you cared so much.”

“Course I care, Cammy,” he replied, patting her foot. “And so do a lot of other people.”

“Nobody does, Ryan,” she said in a flat voice, as she looked away from him, crossing her arms.


For the official list of participating authors, click on the Weekend Writing Warriors link above. See you next time! #8Sunday

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