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Forgo Dining Out This Valentine’s Day



With V.D. approaching, you are likely getting antsy about card-exchanging and candlelit dinners with a touch of the bubbly. But as wonderful as dining out sounds, perhaps you might consider staying in and cooking your lovey dinner instead.

Think about it. Every other couple likely has the same idea of candlelit dinners as you, so the dining venue will likely be crowded. And don’t think that just because V.D. happens to fall on a Sunday that there will be less people likely to go out; on the contrary, there will be as many couples out. maybe more.

Even if you’re not Betty Crocker, you can still show the love of your life how much you care by attempting to cook him/her a nice meal. And here’s why you should:

  1. the atmosphere will be more intimate because it will just be the two of you.
  2. they say women love men who can cook, so this will be the chance to wow her.
  3. no need to worry about reservations, parking and all the other stress factors that go with dining out.
  4. you can play romantic music in the background without worry of annoying anyone else, or having to listen to the restaurant’s background music.
  5.  your partner will appreciate the effort, even if you don’t do a great job (as long as you don’t burn the kitchen down).

Not sure what to cook? I suggest the following:

  • spaghetti with marinara sauce and garlic bread
  • chicken breast covered in Thai peanut sauce
  • steak teriyaki

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love! And best wishes if you decide to heed my advice!


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Using Valentine’s Day In Your Story


Well originally I was going to put up a post offering advice about how to make a memorable Valentine’s Day. Then I remembered one thing: I kind of did that last year. Then I remembered that I haven’t put out a blog related to writing in a while. So while I was skiing last week, the idea of using Valentine’s Day as a writing theme would grab readers’ attention. So why not blog about it on Valentine’s Day.

As writers, we work hard to create themes for our stories. They are the things that a reader can take away once they’ve reached, ‘The End’. They the things that our characters deal with or struggle with; maybe both. Valentine’s Day can be included in your story because your readers will instantly relate to it no matter what time of year it is. Valentine’s Day the romance world’s birthday and whether readers love it or loath it they’ll be drawn into a story that has it as a central theme or setting. Here’s a couple of ways you can make Valentine’s Day part of your story:

1. Setting/Theme – Have your story set on Valentine’s Day. This is particularly good if it’s a short story since Valentine’s Day happens only on one day. But don’t necessarily have your characters meet and fall in love. Twist it a little. Have something catastrophic or apocalyptic happen on Valentine’s Day. The readers won’t be expecting that, and they’ll love it because it’s something different. Here’s another idea: have your story end on Valentine’s Day. What better way to end it than on a special day. Be creative with it and don’t make it too predictable. Try and make Valentine’s Day the central theme of your story and build your characters and their world around it.

2. Characters – Make Valentine’s Day significant with your characters. It could be the day someone special died and now your characters dread V.D. every time it rolls around. Your character must overcome this and the readers may want to know how they get through this. Again, it’s something new and different. Perhaps, you’d like to make V.D. a positive milestone for your characters. Either way, make it special for the characters and have it stick with them from beginning to end.


So I hope this gives you some inspiration. Happy writing and happy Valentine’s Day!

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Getting Through Valentines Day (Without going overboard)

It’s that time again! In the middle of winter, when everyone’s likely getting tired of the winter blues then suddenly there’s love in the air. Hues of red and pink, candy hearts and the like. The time when Cupid fires his arrows in all directions. Love it or loath it, Valentine’s Day is here. Many of you are thinking “Oh great, it’s bad enough I got Christmas debt to worry about, now this!” Well don’t worry because you don’t have to plan an extravagant evening out for your sweetheart (unless you really want to). Why not try something less traditional this Valentine’s Day and stop trying to compete with your fellow-man.

This year, I’ve decided that I’m going to cook my girlfriend’s favorite dish. Even though we’ve only recently become a couple, I still want to make her feel special. Since she loves Spanish food, I’m going to cook a stew from Madrid along with Gazpacho soup. I’m no master chef, but luckily I have a Spanish recipe book. It’s simple and won’t cost me a week’s income, and let’s face it women like men who can cook right? Maybe this will work? Maybe not? But it’s the thought that counts and it’s coming from the heart – I’m doing what I think she will appreciate, not what someone else will think is right. So why not try to cook your lovey’s favorite dish, or just cook him/her dinner. During dinner, why not play some of your sweetheart’s favorite music? My girlfriend loves classical, so I intend to play a little Bach and Mozart on my iPod during the meal.

If culinary skills aren’t your thing, why not write a poem for your sweetie. Think of qualities or wonderful things that describe him or her, put it together in poetry and read it out loud for them say before they go off to work. They’ll likely head off in a better mood. Remember, the poem doesn’t have to rhyme, so don’t blow your brains out trying to make every line rhyme.

When your sweetie comes home after a long, hard day at work why not go the extra mile for them. Give them a massage, or just sit with them and hold them, while telling them how much they mean to you – something to make them feel special. Surely they’ll love it! Whatever you choose to do for your valentine, make sure it comes from the heart and not from an outside source. The gift must be real to you because otherwise it won’t be real to your partner.

And for you singles out there dreading this day, I just want to salute and acknowledge you all! I remember being in your shoes for many years. That said, don’t stress yourself to find a date for the sake of Valentine’s Day. Take this day as an opportunity to celebrate being single; do something you enjoy doing for fun. It’s perfectly fine to be without a partner on Valentine’s Day despite what others say. When someone comes to you and says, “What? No date? What’s wrong with you?” Just answer “I’m happy being single. Got a problem?” Keep repeating that if they continue to tease you. Show no fear and they’ll eventually back off because they know they can’t intimidate you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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