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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – The Mystery Voice





8 sentences from any story, published/unpublished and that’s all it takes to be on Weekend Writing Warriors. Fall is fast approaching, but it takes longer for it to show up here in the Bluegrass State. I’m continuing to share snippets from my YA horror novella, The Burning Night, which is in the editing stages.

Set-up: A spooky woman’s voice is speaking to Melissa from within the walls of her bedroom, which leaves her baffled and freaked out. The mystery woman is the first to speak.

The Eight:


“Me-li-ssaaa…your time is coming, prepare yourself!”

The spine-chilling tone swirled around every corner of the room, wrapping cold waves around my body, while my hands trembled as I stepped back. “Wh-who are you? Wh-what do y-y-you want?”

“Poor little Ashley’s down by herself, Me-li-ssaaa.”

“H-h-how did you know her name? D-d-don’t you dare go near my sister!!”

My legs suddenly became weak and shook to the point where I thought I was going to lose my balance.


Wow! It knows Ashley’s name, too. I bet you’re wondering what the voice means with “Your time is coming, prepare yourself” bit. What’s Melissa going to do? More next week on what happens next.

Click on the above link for the official list of participating authors. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday – Who Said That?




It’s Sunday, which means another round of Weekend Writing Warriors. Thanks for stopping by to view my snippet. I hope you are all enjoying the Labor Day weekend – I know I am! I apologize for not commenting on everyone’s snippets last week; I was out all day. This week I’m continuing to share a snippet from my YA horror novella, The Burning Night. As you will see the atmosphere shifts from previous snippets.

Set-up: Melissa is lying on her bed in her room alone, debating whether to join her sister, when a mysterious voice starts calling her name.

The Eight:


Hanging out with Ashley downstairs was tempting, since I knew I’d have more fun – we had similar tastes in TV shows. I glanced at an old-school clock on the table beside my bed, watching the numbers change as my eyes got heavy.

“Me-li-ssaaa…Me-li-ssaaa,” a drowsy female voice filled the air.

A sharp gasp escaped me while every muscle in my body froze.

“Me-li-ssaaa…Me-li-ssaaa, your time is coming,” the eerie voice drawled again from within the walls. With my mouth hanging open, I leapt off the bed and scanned every wall in the room. Chills gushed from my shoulders all the way down to my toes.

“Wh-who s-said that?”


Kinda spooky, no? This is just the beginning for Melissa. Ashley is in the basement watching TV, in case you are wondering. To be continued next week. Thoughts and feedback are much appreciated. I’ll be out all day at a water park, and then watching fireworks with friends later in the evening (big fireworks show today, where I live). I’ll do my best to read/comment on everyone’s snippets before I head out, however I’ll do more later tonight and Monday. I appreciate your patience.

As for the rest of my life, the transition to my new life has gone well and many thanks to everyone for the wishes! Sometimes I forget how many people care about my well-being. Even though we have never actually met, I consider you all my friends, so thanks!

Click on the above link for the official list of participating authors. See you next Sunday!

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