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Weekend Writing Warriors – Melissa and Ashley spot a life-saver


Welcome to another day of Weekend Writing Warriors . The rules are simple: post 8 sentences from any work onto your blog before Sunday morning, and comment on other writers.

Continuing from last week’s eight, Melissa has just spotted something that might save her and her sister from having their feet severely burned. See if your guesses match. If this is your first visit to my snippets, previous 8’s can be found here:

Snippet # 1

Snippet # 2

Here’s the eight:

“Look, a water pipe!” I cried to Ashley, while pointing at a green pipe running along the wall. She turned to it and gasped, before shouting, “Like how are we gonna get it open?”

As I focused on the metallic exterior of the pipe, I glimpsed at my bare hands. Given we had no other choice, I had to try – my high school basketball coach always told me I’d never know unless I tried.

“I can get it open,” I yelled, as I jumped towards the pipe and grabbed hold of it with both hands, yanking it with every ounce of strength in my muscles. With her jaw dropped, Ashley traded horrific looks between the pipe and the stove burner red below as she continued to ‘dance’.  Pulling harder, I pictured icy, cool water spewing onto this giant frying pan and soothing my poor feet, as I strained my face. Ashley let out a deafening cry, and I heard a roar of taunting laughter from above. 

Seems impossible, no? If you’re wondering why they didn’t grab onto the pipe in the first place, that wouldn’t have worked. They didn’t notice before, and besides they could only hang on for so long. Sorry to keep you all hanging, but I can only fit in so much in eight sentences. Next week will be the last snippet I share from this story. Anymore after that, and I’ll be giving the whole plot away. Remember, this is unpublished and unedited. As always, I love your comments/suggestions.

Click on the link above for the complete list of participating authors. If you are new to Weekend Writing Warriors, I suggest you visit some of my favorite writers: Sarah Ballance, Monica Enderle Pierce, Veronica Scott, Chip Etier, Sarah Cass, Caitlin Stern and Linda Hamonou. Have a great weekend! I’m also participating on Facebook’s Snippet Sunday.


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