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Weekend Writing Warriors – Possessed House



Greetings all and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, a great place to meet writers, while sharing bits of your stories. I’m glad you’ve taken some time out of your day to read my snippet. Continuing from my YA horror novella, The Burning Night, I’ve decided to skip a few lines in the story.

Set-up: After hearing that spooky voice, Melissa needs to find her younger sister, post-haste (Ashley gets scared easily) and hurries downstairs into the kitchen. She calls Ashley’s name, but doesn’t get any response, which makes her even more worried. More weirdness of the house kicks in when she notices the stove cooktop that has switched on by itself.

The Eight:


The uncomfortable silence made my stomach churn and my heart started thumping hard – so hard I thought it was going to burst through my chest. Sucking in a breath, I uttered, “Oh my God!”

My muscles tightened, thinking about what Mom and Dad would say if they knew their baby girl was missing. “Ashley Joanne Murdock, where are you?!?”

I pressed one hand over my chest by my heart, hoping the beat would slow down. Moving into the kitchen, I tried to think where Ashley could have been and why she wasn’t answering. From the corner of my eye, I saw one of the ceramic cooktops emitting a bright glow on the stove. My mouth dropped as I approached it, and then stopped in mid-stride when I noticed that the temperature knobs weren’t even switched on.


I’ve been pondering whether the cooktop bit is feasible or not. Perhaps I need to use something different? I suppose that’s why I’m posting this 8. Thoughts and feedback are always helpful.

I’m happy I’m still participating, even though work and teaching duties are piling up. W.W.W. is a good way for me to maintain my ‘sanity’.

Click on the above link for the list of participating authors. Guidelines can also be found on the website, so you’ll know exactly how to participate – it’s easier than you think!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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